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A safe space to learn, grow, and discuss the issues affecting youth and families today, with fun topics too.

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Homeless Youth: America’s Hidden Population

Teen Homelessness Problem
January 10, 2019

Combined with the out of control opioid crisis and rising numbers of human trafficking victims, the homeless teen population in America is in dire need of intervention.


Navigating the challenge of blended families

navigating blended families
September 13, 2018

You hold all the tools for building a loving, successful blended family; but success won't come without preparation and years hard work.


Rawhide Foster Parents Receive 2018 Governor’s Foster Care Award

2018 Governor's Foster Care Award Winner
June 26, 2018

Currently, in Wisconsin, there are about 8,000 children living in out-of-home care. Bob and Nan Pieper, Foster Parents at Rawhide, were recognized for their role as foster parents by...


Is your child’s diet affecting their behavior?

is your teens diet hurting their behavior
March 13, 2018

Is your child's diet affecting their behavior? Children with ADD and ADHD can be more sensitive to food and their behavior could be improved with dietary changes.


2018 Lent Fish Fries in the Fox Valley WI Area

2018 Fox Valley Fish Fry
February 15, 2018

Fish fries are happening all over the Fox Valley area during the Lent season.


Does media exposure create desensitization?

Desensitization to Media featured image
February 7, 2018

Research has been done for decades about the potential effects of media violence on children and teens. Today, it's more difficult than ever to navigate the ever-changing media landscape.


Why does the Tide Pod Challenge exist?

Terrifying Teen Challenges featured image
February 5, 2018

What started as an article in The Onion has turned into a dangerous social media challenge.


Remembering the life of Jan Gillespie

Jan Gillespie at Rawhide Boys Ranch
January 25, 2018

Today, on the anniversary of her passing, we celebrate the life of called service of our co-founder, friend, and first housemother, Jan Gillespie. Jan's impact on Rawhide is immeasurable....


Starr Academy Graduation at Rawhide Boys Ranch

Rawhide graduation ceremony
January 12, 2018

Graduation represents a monumental shift in the life of a student at Rawhide's Starr Academy.


Teens and Caffeine

Caffeine effects on teenagers
January 5, 2018

Thanks to caffeine-packed beverages, teenage caffeine ingestion has never been more dangerous.

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