Equine therapy benefits teens in unique, transformative ways.

Sometimes teens and young adults struggling with mental health find it hard to trust others. Equine therapy can break through barriers to build a strong bond between a young person and a horse. It’s a bond that empowers youth to increase their self-awareness, identify and express emotions, experience healthy interpersonal relationships and build trust.

Equine therapy benefits youth by reducing anxiety and depression, lowering blood pressure, and building a sense of positivity. With equine-assisted therapy, youth are able to experience change in a non-threatening environment. And they increase their ability to process the challenges they’re facing, while engaging in a variety of ground-based activities throughout their treatment.

Equine therapy helps youth with a wide range of issues, including trauma, depression, substance use and anxiety. It’s a unique, hands-on therapy with benefits that extend far beyond the relationship between youth and horse, and can strengthen relationships with friends, family and community.

Equine Therapy

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A judgment-free space for youth and families.

Horses can help build trust and enable open, healing conversations for youth in individual and family counseling settings. Our CHAPS Equine—Assisted Therapy engages youth with horses to overcome emotional issues and trauma. Equine therapy is available at our Shiocton, Milwaukee, Neenah, New London and Fond du Lac counseling centers.


Residential equine therapy in Wisconsin.

Youth in Rawhide’s Residential Care Program partner with horses to learn about themselves through experiential therapy. The skills and work ethic they learn—and the self-confidence they build—can help in their studies, jobs and everyday relationships.


Skills that extend far beyond the barn.

Our Work Experience Program gives young men in our Residential Care Program an opportunity to learn about animal care and build a strong work ethic through daily chores. This ongoing work experience and interaction with the horses builds self-esteem, self-control, and feelings of connection and trust.

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