Founded on compassion. Fueled by faith. On a mission to see young lives transformed.

Since 1965, our mission has been one of belief. Belief in the potential of the youth we serve and the positive outcome we can help them realize. The Rawhide team is committed to helping teens and young adults struggling with mental health, emotional and behavioral challenges find joy and healing. It’s a faith-based commitment to love and serve those who need us most—and equip them with the tools to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

At Rawhide Youth Services, compassion is our compass.

Rawhide is a faith-based 501(c)(3) recognized charity. But it’s more than a designation. It’s our faith roots that compel us to do the work we do. We were founded on—and are still guided by—the selfless love we’ve been called to give. At Rawhide, that’s our motivation. And it’s why we are committed to being a rock to lean on, and an unwavering source of hope for the hurting.

Our Mission

Being dependent on God, we inspire and equip at-risk youth and their families to lead healthy and responsible lives through family-centered care, treatment, and education.

Our History

A legacy of hope since 1965.

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Trauma informed. Evidence based. Focused on youth.

Rawhide is an intersection of loving compassion with state-of-the-art, evidence-based therapy and counseling. We continually invest in building the team and the tools to lead the way in mental health services for youth. And we make lasting change with a unique, relationship-based approach.

Healing for the whole person.

We are more than our emotions. At Rawhide, we provide care that addresses all the areas of life that allow youth to grow into healthy, responsible adults—social, emotional and spiritual health, school performance, job readiness, physical health and family life.

Relationship is the heart of what we do.

The youth who come to Rawhide often don’t know what healthy family and peer relationships look like. From our family-living residential model to working with a youth’s family or simply building rapport in counseling, Rawhide’s approach is designed around building and teaching healthy relationships.

Faith is our foundation. And our motivation.

Rawhide is a faith-based organization, and it’s that faith that lights our every step. The pure, selfless love of God is our guide, our motivation and our source of strength. It’s why we believe that transformation is possible, and it’s why we don’t give up on the youth we’re called to serve.


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