A holistic approach to healing.

Youth who come to Rawhide Youth Services are hurting, and looking for a path toward a healthy future where they feel confident and loved. Our licensed therapists listen, help them heal and guide them as they work through their anger, anxiety, depression, abuse, trauma, suicidal thoughts, and more. They use a variety of evidence-based approaches to address the whole person: spiritual, cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and social.

A path forward for hurting families

Troubled youth often aren’t hurting alone. The people who love them are hurting as well. We help families heal together and establish healthy behaviors and relationships through family therapy sessions.

Counseling that’s tailored to individuals and based on proven modalities

Healing often begins with finding the right person to listen. Our therapists approach young people in a way that builds trust and establishes a relationship. It can be a challenging, sensitive process. But it’s one that they’ve mastered through decades of helping troubled youth become stronger, healthier versions of themselves.

Establishing trust and connection through equine therapy

Young people have the ability to build powerful bonds with horses. Our CHAPS Equine–Assisted Therapy enables these connections and establishes confidence for troubled youth as they work through behavioral and mental health issues.

Building support through group therapy.


Youth are not alone

Sometimes knowing they’re not alone in their challenges can be comforting and empowering for youth. Group counseling pairs youth with peers who have faced similar situations so they can talk through what they’ve experienced, support each other, and share how they’ve effectively coped with tough times.


Specialized care for young people

Group therapy sessions at Rawhide are led by licensed therapists with master’s degrees who specialize in working with youth. We offer sessions on a wide range of topics, including suicide prevention, anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD, and more. Each is designed to create a safe space where youth feel comfortable sharing and growing together.


School-based counseling for teens

Rawhide therapists meet students where they are in their schools to improve mental health. Currently, we work in more than 40 schools across Northeastern and Southeastern Wisconsin.

Contact us about specialized youth counseling.

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