Residential Care Program that brings hope to hurting, troubled young men

Young men often lack trust in the system when they arrive at Rawhide for the residential care program. And sometimes, they lack trust in the families who’ve raised them. Our positive, structured environment helps rebuild that trust—in themselves and others—by focusing on mental health, building upon personal strengths and teaching responsibility.

Building life skills with a structured, family-living environment

Our teen residential treatment gathers young men together in homes run by house staff, who demonstrate healthy relationships, faith and respect for others. From basic hygiene to coping skills for challenging moments, youth learn essential, healthy behaviors that prepare them for success back in their communities.

A fully accredited, on-site school

Most youth who arrive at Rawhide are behind academically and credit deficient with little hope of graduating high school. At Starr Academy, highly trained staff develop individualized education plans to meet our youth where they are and help them reach a level where they can, not only graduate, but succeed in a life where they’re never again held back by their education. Starr Academy is fully accredited by the Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation (WRISA).

Restoring broken lives with
therapeutic counseling.

Our therapists focus on the many dimensions of life: spiritual, cognitive, behavioral, emotional and social. They work with youth and often their families to provide customized therapy that heals and promotes positive behaviors.



Building self-control and confidence

Our therapists help youth learn about self-regulation, using cutting-edge, evidence-based, sensory therapies. They teach youth to understand what their body needs and build physical and mental strength in a safe environment—skills that can then be used in everyday life situations.


Creating trust through a connection with horses

For some youth, spending time with a horse can help break down barriers, allowing them to work through trauma and overcome emotional issues. Our CHAPS Equine-Assisted Therapy program creates that safe, judgment-free zone and builds trust—not just with the horse but also between youth and therapist.

“It’s unbelievable how resilient these guys are, and they can’t heal until they can tell their story.”


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This residential program is available only for court-referred young men; parents cannot directly place their youth into this setting.

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