As the automotive and welding instructor for Rawhide’s Job Training Program, Josh is truly committed to serving our youth. His presence, kindness, and understanding help our youth feel comfortable and trusted. He does not view job training as a set of skills culminating in a certificate; he sees it as engaging what matters to our youth, allowing them to see their capabilities and change their outlook on their future and self-worth.

The Cherry Starr Award is named after an incredible person who stood by Rawhide since the beginning and was instrumental in helping us continue our mission. Cherry was a kind, loving, and selfless woman who cared so deeply about making a positive impact on people’s lives. The inscription on the award reads, “Outstanding commitment to saving lives through fierce love and unwavering dedication.”

“Josh lives and breathes the meaning of the Cherry Starr Award. In his nearly two years at Rawhide, he has touched countless lives not only through his organized Job Training classes but also by going above and beyond to make connections with youth,” shared Jenny Schroth, Job Training Program Manager. “He mentors youth, takes on extra projects, and keeps the students top-of-mind. Employees like Josh are hard to come by.”

“I am so proud of him and excited to see him grow with Rawhide.”
– Jenny Schroth, Job Training Program Manager

Josh genuinely cares about everyone he meets, regardless of who they are or what they have been through. He relates to our youth and sees them as warriors, not troublemakers. He sees the good in all of them and helps them believe they can overcome their past. Josh doesn’t give up on them and won’t let them give up on themselves either. He genuinely knows their potential, and by doing so, helps them know it as well.

“I remind our youth that God made them warriors, not victims.”
– Josh Ritchie

Josh embodies many qualities that would make Cherry so proud; his ability to connect with youth and staff, his willingness to learn, and his faith and belief in Rawhide’s mission. He gives everything to his work, his wife and children, and his “other” kids i.e., the youth at Rawhide.

“I pray every day to give me at least one youth to speak into Christ’s life. I can say anything to any youth and I’ll get nowhere because I can’t change a heart, but the God I serve can,” Josh said during his acceptance speech at the 2024 Main Event Gala. If they get a touch of the love from the Father that I’ve experienced in my faith, that’s not only going to change one life but will change generation after generation.”