Helping young men and women heal and grow.

Building healthy attitudes—toward oneself and others—can take time and the guidance of insightful, caring experts. Our therapists work at Rawhide because they care about the young people we serve. They look at each person who comes in for therapy as a whole person and address the many dynamics of their life including family, friends, community, school and faith. These licensed therapists help young people see their strengths and overcome difficulties to become confident individuals who love themselves and make healthy choices.

Meet Our Therapists

Heather Kahl MSSA, LCSW Clinic & Community Resource Manager New London Full Bio
Angie Topolski MA, LPC Lead Clinical Therapist Appleton Full Bio
Lisa Behnke MA, LPC Therapist Appleton Full Bio
Sarah Boyea MSW, APSW Therapist Shiocton Full Bio
Brittany Cook LCSW Therapist Green Bay Full Bio
Becca Kisley MS, LPC, SAC Therapist Milwaukee Full Bio
Kathy Klingseisen MSW, LCSW Therapist Appleton & Shiocton Full Bio
Laura Selker MA, LMFT Therapist Appleton Full Bio
Dorothy Vrhovnik MSW, LCSW Therapist Appleton Full Bio
Amanda Martin M.Ed., Ed.S., LPC Lead Therapist in Residential Services New London Full Bio
Jen Ostrowski MA, LPC Therapist Shiocton Full Bio
Lindley Wilkerson MA, LPC, NCC Therapist Green Bay Full Bio
Mark Wilkerson LPC, NCC Therapist Appleton Full Bio
Cassie Roesler MA, LPCIT, SACIT Therapist New London Full Bio
Jeff Steffen CAPSW Therapist Fond du Lac Full Bio
Gabrielle Boehrig MSE, LPC, SAC-IT, NCC Lead Clinical Therapist Fond du Lac Full Bio
Jackie Buerger LPC-IT, NCC, MS Therapist Fond du Lac Full Bio
Keziah Love LPC-IT Therapist Fond du Lac Full Bio
Jazmin Binns MSW, CAPSW Therapist Glendale Full Bio
Maegan Bauler APSW Therapist New London Full Bio
Angelina Bartel MS, LPC-IT Therapist New London Full Bio