march 2022 student of the month
February 25, 2022

March Student of the Month: Brentin

Hello! My name is Brentin and I want to tell you my story. I am 15-years-old from Rhinelander. I…

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February Student of the Month
January 25, 2022

February Student of the Month: Dayteon

Hello! My name is Dayteon and I want to tell you my story. I am 16-years-old from Milwaukee, and…

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Jordan January Student of the Month
December 21, 2021

January Student of the Month: Jordan

Hello! My name is Jordan and I want to tell you about my life. My mom and dad got…

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Richie Student of the Month
November 30, 2021

December Student of the Month: Richie

Hello! My name is Richie and I want to share my story. I grew up with my mom and…

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October 21, 2021

November Student of the Month: Teradyn

Hello! My name is Teradyn and I want to share my journey. Growing up, I witnessed a lot of…

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Rawhide CHAPS equine-assisted therapy
October 8, 2021

Benefits of Equine Therapy for Troubled Youth

Young people who have emotional, behavioral, psychological or cognitive difficulties may require more than “traditional” therapy. They may…

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