Stores are fully stocked with backpacks, folders, and notebooks. And that can only mean one thing: It’s time to go back-to-school! But school supplies aren’t the only thing your teen will need to prepare. A new school year is filled with new mental stresses around every corner. Help quell those worries before the year even starts so your teen has an A+ school year with our 5 back to school tips to help your teen adjust to the new school year.


Is Your Teen Facing Back to School Stress?

If your teen is stressed about the impending school year, they may display it through their actions or feelings. Your teen might:

  • Show irritability or a short temper
  • Be disagreeable or withdrawn
  • Display uncharacteristic behavior such as silliness or rebellion
  • Have reoccurring stomach pains or headaches

These behaviors may be your teen’s way of communicating their nerves and often disappear after a short time. However, if they persist or get worse, consider speaking to the school counselor or a medical professional. School avoidance or school phobia is a real issue that affects 5% of all children.

What Causes Your Teen Stress?

Many teens feel stress, worry, and anxiety before a school year. Teens might feel:

Lost and confused – New challenges such as a new locker, finding classrooms, and adjusting to a new schedule can cause anxiety and confusion for your teen.

Lonely until new friends are made – Making new friends is not easy. Your teen may initially experience hardships that come with trying to make new friends.

Worried they can’t cope with new schoolwork demands – A new school year comes with new, unknown demands. Teens encounter stresses they didn’t anticipate with new class loads, packed schedules, homework, or large projects they’ve never encountered before.

Worried they won’t “fit in”Changes in style or physical or emotional changes happen over the summer that may make your teen worry they’ll not fit in.

Afraid they won’t meet expectations of parents – New school years bring new expectations, especially if a teen is gearing up for college. They may fear failing to meet parental expectations.

Many of the stresses and worries teens face stem from the unknown. They don’t know if they’ll be able to adjust, who they’ll talk to, how much work they’ll have, or what their parents expectations are.

5 Pre Back to School Tips to Help Teens

Help ease your teen into their school environment before school starts so they can adjust and get comfortable with their surroundings. Bring your teen to school a few weeks before the year starts and:

  1. Allow them to choose school supplies – Allowing teens to pick out their school supplies can help them get excited for school to start. Have them pick out a fun backpack or trendy supplies they’ll want to show their friends.
  2. Take a tour of the school – This helps your teen experience school before it actually starts and gives your teen a mental picture of where their classrooms are.
  3. Get their locker ready – Encourage your teen to have a little fun and decorate their locker. Allowing your teen to decorate and put their school supplies in their locker before school helps them comfortably establish their own space in the school.

  1. Meet teachers before school starts – Meeting teachers before school starts helps teens get a feel of for the teacher. This helps establish comfort between the student and teacher that extends into the first day. Teachers are often in their classrooms a few weeks before the school year starts.
  2. Get sleep on track – Try to get your teen to sleep at their normally set school bedtime. Start a few weeks before school begins, allowing their body time to adjust to their school schedule.

If your teen is attending the same high school you attended, share stories involving your time there. Show them where your favorite hangout was, tell them a funny story of something that happened to you in school, or show them a trophy you helped win. Remember to remind your teen that they’re going into an exciting learning environment full of friends and peers to direct them in a positive direction.

Encourage Teens During School Year

Once the new school year begins, open daily dialogue about their experiences at school. Ask them about their favorite classes, if they met anybody new, or what their favorite moment was from the day. Remain encouraging and positive to ease their worries about meeting your expectations. If they’re struggling with something, share personal stories of struggles you may have faced in school. Opening up to your teen helps them know they can come to you.

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