Education that meets youth where they are.

Young men often arrive at Rawhide needing to recover credits. They might need extra guidance in a particular subject. Or they might simply need encouragement to build their confidence in the classroom. Starr Academy, our accredited on-site school, offers individualized support no matter the age or grade level.

Assessments that help nurture abilities

Each new student is given the NEWA MAPS assessments to measure their current academic levels. Our licensed teachers examine the results and the student’s transcripts to create an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) specifically designed to meet the needs of each student. Starr Academy has licensed, special education teachers to work with students that have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) already in place.

Online learning paired with educational support

Students take their online courses using Chromebooks. Each classroom has a ratio of two staff for every 10 students. A caring teacher and supportive youth development specialist provide academic and behavioral support in a structured and safe environment. Students also have daily physical education classes taught by a licensed PE teacher to meet their need for physical growth and development.

Flexibility for students

Bringing hope and enabling students to graduate often requires a nimble and tailored approach. With no set bell schedule, Starr Academy students can work on different subjects at their own pace throughout the day. High school youth are also given the opportunity to apply and interview for on-campus work positions within our Work Experience Program. Youth earn an allowance and receive elective credits for participating in this program while also gaining valuable job experience.

Bringing confidence to students.

Starr Academy helps youth build lasting change—using an alternative and unique learning environment.


Edgenuity—for youth in grades 6-12

Edgenuity enables students to build knowledge and skills. Students work at their own pace, focusing on subjects where they need the most support.


MyPath—for older youth who need additional support

MyPath is designed for middle and high school students who have fallen behind their grade level when they enter Starr Academy.


High school diploma—for support to graduate

Our education program is set up to help students catch up on missing credits and have the opportunity to earn a traditional high school diploma.

Contact us about Starr Academy.

For all student education records, please email a signed release to Jaime at jermis@rawhide.org.