What will you find at our eBay store?

The Rawhide eBay Store offers collector cars, used boats, recreational vehicles and other hard-to-find items.  Each and every item undergoes an extensive inspection to provide accurate item details and condition.

View our featured listings below, or see our entire inventory on eBay.


Have an old car or boat you want to get rid of?

100% of eBay sales benefit Rawhide Youth Services. Donate your vehicle now.

eBay FAQs

Consult these eBay FAQs for clarification if you are interested in buying donated items from Rawhide’s eBay store. For our complete eBay store policy, click here.

Does Rawhide provide clear titles?

Rawhide provides clear titles on items as applicable. Please check with your state/local officials for registration/licensing requirements prior to bidding.

Per Wisconsin law – a title and registration are not required for trailers operated at or less than 3,000 lbs. gross weight unless used for hire or rental. A Bill of Sale will be provided.


Why does Rawhide place a reserve on their items?

Rawhide does NOT have a reserve price. We do place a starting price based on wholesale or low retail value. We have starting prices to ensure that the full benefit potential of the donations is realized for the youth at Rawhide and for our donors.

Can I buy a part off of an item?


Can I view the item in person before buying?

No, not at this time due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Viewing will be reinstated after COVID-19 precautions have been removed.

How do I arrange to pick up my purchase?

Rawhide does not offer shipping services or handle transportation. Shipping is the responsibility of the Buyer. Buyers can claim the item in person or check the internet for transport companies that can help you. Reference our zip code 54961 in case you would need that for quoting purposes.

To be sure your item is ready for pick up, please contact us at sales@rawhide.org or 1-800-729-4433 at least 24 hours in advance.