Vehicle Donations Team Teaches Rawhide Students Marketable Skills

Rawhide Boys Ranch is full of guys who love cars. No surprise. Since Rawhide is known for accepting vehicle donations for over 30 years, the guys have plenty opportunity to ogle some highly collectible cars, like a 1972 Jaguar, a 1966 Charger, and a 1941 Oldsmobile. It’s fun to watch their eyes light up and hear how much they really know about cars. Imagine their excitement if they get to help out preparing vehicles for sale? If they qualify for Rawhide’s Work Experience Program, they get that chance.

7 Benefits of At-Risk Youth Work Experience Program

Through these work experience programs, our guys:

  1. Learn They Have Options
    Learning new trades provides employment options for their futures. And options give hope.
  1. Become More Marketable in the Job Market
    Expanding a person’s skill set makes them more marketable in the job market.
  1. Gain Confidence
    Increased self-confidence improves chances of gaining employment. How a person presents themselves in an interview often times is the pivotal hiring factor.
  1. Increase Future Employment Options
    Our guys become more aware of career paths they may not have known about, which increases their options.
  1. Test-Drive Potential Careers
    Students can try different departments and determine if they would like that as a career or not.
  1. Obtain Experience in a Professional Setting
    They will be able to include all Work Experience Program jobs on their resumes which gives them a leg up on other candidates who did not work in high school.
  1. Develop “Soft Skills”
    Students learn other skills that boost their employability once they venture out on their own. Skills such as:
    1. Working under direction
    2. Personal discipline
    3. Good work ethic
    4. Interviewing skills
    5. Teamwork
    6. Communication skills

These skills help the student build confidence in performing job functions, as well as giving them experience to help them get a job in the future. Many of our students weren’t taught how to act or behave on a job and they get the chance to learn through this program before they are hired in the outside world.

Vehicle Donations Work Experience

Rawhide’s Work Experience Program allows students to choose from five work areas, and Vehicle Donations is one of them. Students in the vehicle donations program help with:

  • auto detailing – thorough cleaning inside and out
  • inspecting mechanical conditions
  • checking & replacing batteries
  • checking fluid levels
  • replacing spark plugs

All this takes place in our Pennau Prep Center that provides ample space for Rawhide guys to learn these skills.

The Pennau Prep Center opened in 1993 and was funded by Dick and Audrey Pennau, former owners of the Oshkosh Pepsi Bottling Company. The addition of the Pennau Center created a better opportunity for our guys to build automotive knowledge and for the ranch to handle more vehicle donations.

A Common Misconception about Donated Cars

Some people assume that we use car donations to teach our guys the fine art of auto mechanics. That’s a very common misconception. Rawhide guys rarely repair cars; however, they help with vehicle inspections, changing batteries & spark plugs, checking fluid levels, and detailing.

Purpose of the Vehicle Donation Program

The main purpose of our Vehicle Donation Program is to sell the vehicles and use the proceeds to fund programs that help troubled youth and families. Donors receive receipts for tax deductions, and we work diligently to get the maximum deduction possible based on the vehicle’s current market value. We are grateful for each and every one of you who support our mission.

Help Our Guys

Every donation to Rawhide gives at-risk youth a second chance. While your car might not be fixed up by one of our guys, the funds raised from the donation will help at-risk youth change their lives.

Please consider donating your vehicle today.