Hello! My name is Tyler and I want to share my Rawhide journey.

I am 17 years old from Green Bay and came to Rawhide after making a few mistakes. Thankfully, Rawhide offered me a therapist, who provides one on one, group and equine-assisted therapy. In my equine-assisted therapy sessions, I work with the horse named Gabe. I was nervous about how big he was at first, but now I feel more comfortable doing activities with him while talking through my struggles.

Since coming to Rawhide, I have overcome anger and anxiety, and have improved my communication skills. I even made a close friend with one of the other boys. He supports me and gives good advice. I learned I am capable of focusing on and accomplishing my goals, such as catching up on missing school credits to graduate. This is something I never thought would be possible for me. Thanks to the resource teacher I work closely with, we laid out a graduation plan and I have focused and worked hard to reach all of my goals to eventually be able to graduate before I complete my program at Rawhide.

Besides therapy and school, I keep a busy schedule attending the Career Development and Automotive Job Training classes. I wanted to participate in all Rawhide offers so I can be successful when I return home.

Thank you for all of your support. Without it, I would not have gotten to experience as much as I have since coming here, and am so grateful for the opportunity.