Vincent is 13 and in 8th grade at Starr Academy. Prior to coming to Rawhide, he lived with his mom, aunt and cousins in Northeast Wisconsin. He came to Rawhide after hanging out with the wrong crowd and making some bad decisions.

Vincent attends therapy to work through his challenges and has benefited from it greatly. His family, especially his mom, and Ms. Johna, a resource teacher at Starr Academy, motivate him to work hard, stay on track and complete his program.

He is most proud of focusing on his work and staying out of any conflicts that occur around him. He feels he earned student of the month because he avoids peer negativity, does his work without issue and supports his peers through challenging times.

Vincent is the manager of Rawhide’s All Starr basketball team and also acts as videographer during the games. He enjoys off-campus events, like movies and volunteering at the Salvation Army soup kitchen, and on-campus activities, such as Halloween and Christmas celebrations. Vincent’s favorite parts of Rawhide are going to the gym and getting ahead in school at Starr Academy to help him prepare for high school.

His advice to his future self: “Keep doing the right thing.” After high school, Vincent hopes go to college and work in the automotive industry.

Vincent thanks donors for all they do and the contributions made to support the delicious meals on campus — especially the egg rolls. Great job, Vincent!