Hello! My name is Jordan and I want to share my Rawhide journey.

Since I was 9, I have been in and out of foster and shelter care. When I first arrived at Rawhide, I struggled with anger and taking ownership for my choices.

Over the last five months, I have caught up on missing school credits, improved my behaviors through equine-assisted therapy, made special connections with staff, and took advantage of the unique opportunities Rawhide offers, such as waiting on tables at the Fish Fry in June. I feel happy and loved when the staff cook me dinner on the grill, take me off campus for fun events, or show me they care about my progress.

I received a certificate for completing the automotive class where I learned how to do basic car maintenance and am signed up for the culinary class. I used to build benches and headboards with my dad, so I am very interested in pursuing a career in carpentry.

I think I got Student of the Month because I went from taking anger out on others to helping the other boys work through theirs. My main motivation for working on myself is so I can go back home and live with my dad. I am excited to have my own room for the first time in years.

Thank you for donating to Rawhide so I could meet the caring staff, have the opportunity to catch up in school, and have good books to read in the library.