Hello! I am Quintin and I want to tell you about my time at Rawhide.

I am a 12 year old from Port Washington, and grew up with my mom, two brothers and two sisters. I struggled with a lot of anger, wasn’t doing well in school, and often fought with my siblings and others. It was hard for my mom to keep me under control, and I was eventually sent to Rawhide for help.

When I first got here, I would throw things and yell when I got angry. But Rawhide staff taught me to walk away and cool down instead of act out or ask for one-one-one time with a staff member to talk out my feelings. I love how the staff treats us and am so thankful for their support. Even when I get angry, and say hurtful things, they always stick by me.

It’s been a rough road for me, but over the last few weeks I have started to believe there is hope for me and have shown great improvement by completing some classes, having a better attitude and helping others. I love to help people, especially the other boys who need help with their school work or making the right choices. I want to continue helping others like this, so I hope to join the United States Marine Corps someday.

When I leave here, I will be going to a foster home for a little while. I want to use the tools Rawhide gave me for my anger management, so I can be reunited with my family soon.

I appreciate everything you do for Rawhide and I am very thankful.