Adrian is a 16-year-old who lacked a loving, supportive father figure most of his life and felt abandoned and alone. With an angry ex-stepfather, Adrian experienced anger issues himself and made some poor life choices. After arriving at Rawhide in April 2022, he lived at Starr Home and recently moved into The Lodge Group Home with more independence and responsibilities.

Since his arrival, he’s grown into a trustworthy teenager who is more aware of his emotions and surroundings. “I didn’t have the motivation and wasn’t ready for a therapist,” said Adrian. “My mind changed over time, and I’ve worked on my anger issues.”

His favorite aspect of Rawhide is the ability to learn new experiences and gain useful skill sets. “[Without Rawhide], I wouldn’t have learned the piano or be in the grade I’m in,” shared Adrian. He’s had the opportunity to play the piano at a Starr Academy graduation and off-campus at a local nursing home.

After completing Rawhide’s automotive and culinary arts job training programs, Adrian is working in our Café 15 and learning new lifelong abilities. “I’ve gained a lot of skills, met cool people, and am still learning something from everyone,” he said. From baking chocolate cinnamon rolls to helping grow lettuce in our hydroponic Fork Farms units, he has gained confidence. “I don’t think there’s something that I can’t do,” said Adrian.

When asked what he hopes to take with him after Rawhide, he’s optimistic about his future. “I will take everything that I’ve achieved; my confidence, my ability to fix things, and continue to have a passion for music.”

Adrian’s message to donors: “Thank you for supporting Rawhide’s programs and for all the experiences these kids have.”