Hello! My name is Alex and I am 13 years old.

I never met my dad but I heard he loves soccer. Growing up, my mom struggled with alcohol and drug addictions. She went to jail and I lived with my grandma for a while. During that time, I began following in my brother’s footsteps. I had a lot of anger and started getting in trouble. Eventually, I was brought to Rawhide.

At first, I was really resistant to being here. I thought everyone was too strict and I was not used to all of the rules. But then I started changing my behaviors. Rawhide has taught me coping skills to help me deal with confrontation, do well in school and make better choices. For example, instead of arguing with peers, I ignore them or walk away from a negative situation. All of these changes make me feel proud and accomplished.

On Sundays, I enjoy attending church, eating lunch and going on other adventures off campus with staff. When I return home to live with my mom, I plan to go to school, find healthier friends and do a lot of fishing!

Thank you for providing the funds to make Rawhide possible, so I could become the best version of myself.