Hello! My name is Teradyn and I want to share my journey.

Growing up, I witnessed a lot of domestic violence between my mom and her partners and drug addiction from my dad. My mom struggled to take care of us because of her own addiction to alcohol, so I spent the majority of my childhood raising my younger brother and sister.

Since coming to Rawhide, I have been working really hard to make a better life for myself and set a good example for the other youth here. Rawhide staff have never given up on me, and consistently show me love and support. 

I want to be a successful person when I leave here, so I plan to get a job to replace the structure I will miss once I graduate from Starr Academy. Someday, I hope to use my music and drawing skills to help other teens know there is someone out there who can relate to what they are going through.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to graduate, change my life, and be placed on a better path.