Hello! My name is Logan and I want to share my story with you.

I lived with my mom and siblings in northern Wisconsin before coming to Rawhide in December. After my parents got divorced, I focused on playing football, but injured my ankle multiple times and had to stop. While recovering from my injuries, I lost my motivation for school and became depressed. Before I knew it, I was a year behind in school work and charged with truancy. My mom tried her best to help me but could only do so much on her own as a single parent.

Then, at 16 years old, I was sent to Rawhide where I started going to therapy. While therapy was not always easy for me in the past, it felt different and more comfortable at Rawhide. I began opening up about my parents’ divorce, catching up on missing school credits, tutoring an 11-year-old youth on campus, and learning more about myself. 

Rawhide gave me the tools I needed to heal, and helped me focus on graduating and pursuing a career in IT. Staff recently signed me up for a tour of the Fox Valley Technical College to better prepare me for my continued education. When I return home this month, I will finish high school and work with my mom in the Deli department at our local grocery store until I can go to college.

Thank you to all the donors who support Rawhide. We are grateful for you generous gifts.