Hi, I’m Lenny, and I would like to share my Rawhide story.

I am a 15-year-old sophomore from Hilbert where I lived in a trailer home with my parents and sister. I began to struggle being at home all the time in a small space and started getting into trouble with the law. I was eventually caught and sent to Rawhide in October for a second chance.

Rawhide opened my eyes to all the teachers in my life, who taught me to never give up. Many Rawhide staff, especially Ms. Mandi, tell me I have a lot of potential, as long as I continue working hard to recover my missing high school credits and go back to school when I return home. Both my parents are deaf and taught me sign language from a young age, which I hope will get me a job as an interpreter in the future.

I am also a wrestler, an animal lover, a face painter and an explorer. I’m grateful for my time at Rawhide because it has taught me how to make better choices so I can be a successful person in the world I long to explore.

Thank you to all the donors as well for giving me a chance to come to Rawhide and prove myself.