Media outlets and well-known personalities throughout the Green Bay area packed the ballroom of the Brett Favre Steakhouse December 8, 2014 in anticipation of Brett Favre’s rumored return to Green Bay for the 2nd annual Chalk Talk. Favre snuck in behind Steve Young, ESPN analyst, and, in classic Favre style, let out a loud “WOOO!” to greet the crowd. Favre had fun on stage, resembling the same friendly, silly character that used to throw snowballs at the referees during Packer games. He was asked to stand in for Packer great, Bart Starr, due to Bart’s current health concerns. In addition to the excitement of Favre’s return to Green Bay, a very notable moment of the day came from Bart’s son, Bart Jr., when he shared that he received a text that morning that Bart Sr. had just taken his first steps in months!

One Packer Legend Helping Another

The Chalk Talk Luncheon began in 2013 when Steve Young of ESPN contacted Bart Starr and said he’d like to talk football with him at a Rawhide benefit. Young wanted to continue the event in 2014, but Bart was still recuperating. Bart’s office reached out to Brett asking him to help Bart by standing in for him at the event. Two weeks out, Rawhide received word that Brett Favre might participate. We crossed our fingers and Brett said yes, thankfully.

Swapping Football Stories

Brett and Steve joked like old friends and admitted to having secret admiration towards each other. Despite this admiration, they shared how much they hated playing each other. Other topics included:

  • How they injected fun into the boring parts of their jobs
  • The long term effect of football on the body
  • A great impersonation of Reggie White by Favre
  • Love-hate relationship with play callers
  • How Favre feels about his upcoming NFL Hall of Fame eligibility, which is being accompanied with many other inductions as well

The two kept the 230 attendees laughing and provided numerous quotes that found their way onto social media, creating endless attention outside the restaurant walls as well.

See Brett Favre’s impersonation of Reggie White below.
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A Warm, Welcoming Homecoming

brett favre presents check to rawhide

Brett Favre and wife, Deanna, present check to Rawhide Exec. Director, John Solberg

As the discussion came to an end, Favre stated that “It’s good to be back.” Then, Brett Favre gives charitable donation to Rawhide. He proceeded to present a generous donation of $20,000 to Rawhide’s Executive Director, John Solberg from the Favre 4 Hope Foundation. Brett revealed that he has been donating to Rawhide ever since he started playing for the Packers. Over the years, Brett has ensured that a portion of proceeds from the Favre 4 Hope Foundation and the former Brett Favre Charity Softball game went to benefit Rawhide. The audience broke into an energetic standing ovation and, over the applause, the crowd could hear one fan shout “Welcome home Brett!”

Other Guest Speakers

Chalk Talk featured a variety of other speakers as well. Rawhide founders John and Jan Gillespie shared entertaining stories about their marriage, how they managed to get Bart and Cherry Starr involved with Rawhide, and how they have been changing the lives of troubled youth for years. Bart Starr Jr. spoke about the moment his daughter found out about the fame of Bart Starr, Sr. A Rawhide alumnus shared how Rawhide changed his life and set him up for the bright future he is currently experiencing. The first ever Rawhide boy even made an appearance! For more photos of the event, visit our Photo Album on Facebook.

See the entire discussion between Steve Young and Brett Favre below.