We have many friendly and helpful staff working at Rawhide. Each staff member has their own important role which makes it possible for us to fulfill our mission in helping at risk youth and their families. Our Vehicle Donation Program is a vital part of completing our mission at Rawhide, and there are several individuals that help make our Vehicle Donation Program work efficiently.

Eric’s Role

Eric Hess is our Vehicle Production Manager. He oversees the flow of donated vehicles through our Vehicle Donations Program. He is also in charge of making sure that the vehicles are inspected and ready to be sold, which generates funds to operate Rawhide. With the large amount of vehicle donations, there are a certain number of vehicles that have to be inspected each day.

Eric has been working for Rawhide for over three years. One of his favorite things about his job is being able to interact with some of the students working on the vehicles through our Work Experience Program. Like any job, there are challenges that Eric faces like balancing the maintenance of Rawhide’s used vehicles and inspecting/repairing donated vehicles.

His Background

Eric is originally from Hubertus, Wisconsin. When he is not hard at work, Eric enjoys spending his free time with family and friends. He also enjoys watching movies, comedies being his favorite type of movie. If he could be any actor, he said he would like to be Chevy Chase because he thinks he is a hilarious actor, and he enjoys all of his movies. When asked about our Vehicle Donation Program being made into a television show, Eric laughed about the idea, thinking it would be funny to make it into a comedy.

Every Team Member Counts

Every one of our team members in our Vehicle Program has an important job, whether it involves customer service or dealing with the donated vehicles. Eric’s job is important to our Vehicle Program because he manages the inspection and repairs of donated vehicles, and our vehicle donations provide Rawhide with needed funds to help troubled youth and their families. Without the help of our wonderful staff, all of what we do would not be possible.