Congratulations to Kash, our August Student of the Month!

Kash is an energetic 13-year-old who arrived at Rawhide after living in foster care and shelter care. He
struggled with anger issues and making the right choices. His mom misses him tremendously but supports
him getting on the right track at Rawhide.

“When I first came to Rawhide, I stayed in my room for the first few days,” said Kash. “I wanted to leave, and I
was really angry. I broke at least one thing every day, but I’ve since learned how to control my emotions.”
Kash worked on anger management in therapy and through many heart-to-hearts with the staff. He was also
mentored by an older Rawhide youth, who encouraged him to focus on making good choices and acted as a
positive role model.

His favorite parts of Rawhide: Hanging out with other kids his age and greeting guests at the fish fries.
“I think I earned student of the month because of how well I’ve been doing,” said Kash. “I’ve changed a lot to be
honest. I listen in class and get along with my peers. I am most proud of all I have accomplished, including
Student of the Month and working on my anger.”

When it comes to completing his program, Kash’s main motivator is his mom. He is excited to be reunited
with her and do more of what he enjoys most: art, drawing, Legos, playing sports and shooting trap.

“Thank you to the donors!” said Kash. “It’s super that they donate the money they work hard for to kids they
don’t even know,” said Kash. “It’s really nice.”