Congratulations to Hayden, our July Student of the Month!

Hayden is 16 and grew up in a tumultuous household that lacked stability and positivity. After an all-too-common altercation at home, he was sent to a detention center and shelter care.

While in shelter care, Hayden suffered a devastating loss. His grandfather died in a tragic car accident, adding to his stressors. Luckily, the next step in his journey happened to be healing and improving his mental health at Rawhide.

“For the first three or four months I was here, I was getting into fights every week,” said Hayden. “I was numb in therapy. I couldn’t even understand what I was feeling. I felt like a shell…like I didn’t have a soul.”

Hayden’s self-talk was very negative when he first arrived, sometimes enough to derail his entire week. Since then, he has made steady progress by engaging in meaningful conversations with staff, finding more words in therapy, and building self-confidence through physical activity and team sports. He now knows he can do whatever he puts his mind to.

“I’m an only child, so my favorite part of Rawhide is having friends to hang out with,” said Hayden. “I have also enjoyed catching up on schoolwork and actually focusing on it, unlike before.”

He is most proud of committing to his program, believing in himself, and giving himself a chance.

Hayden’s message to donors: “One of the greatest things you can do as a person is think about the needs of others and put them before your own,” said Hayden. “It’s such a noble thing to do. Thank you for thinking of us.”