Hello! My name is Brent and I want to tell you about my story.

When I was three years old, my mom passed away from cancer. My dad began using drugs to cope with her loss, so I grew up thinking it was normal and began to follow in his footsteps at just 13 years old. I was grateful for my grandparents taking me in and loving and supporting me, but I continued to make bad choices.

This is my second time at Rawhide, and I feel I have made much better progress because I am more open to healing this time around. I am grateful to have finally been awarded Student of the Month, which I worked hard to get during my time here. 

Without this organization, I would not have caught up in school, learned how to play guitar, had time to write songs, or worked through my anxiety. Now I am able to connect with others by being more open. I even feel confident in writing songs and becoming a musician some day! 

Rawhide also prepared me for the workforce through its Goodwill Career Development class and community service projects, where I learned how to have a good work ethic, get and maintain a job, and build a resume. 

Thank you to the donors for giving me a healthy place to build my future and better my skills so I can live a happy, successful life.