Congratulations to Jay, our June Student of the Month!

Issues with trust, authority, and substance abuse made Jay’s life challenging in the last few years. After running away from his grandparents’ home in Northern Wisconsin and breaking the law, he was given the opportunity to get back on the right path at Rawhide.

“When I first arrived, I acted out a lot, didn’t get along with the staff, and was caught with contraband,” said Jay. “I just didn’t respect authority.”

Fast forward six months and Jay’s outlook and relationships have changed dramatically.

“I get along with most of the staff pretty well now,” said Jay. “I realized they are actually here to help. After I started opening up and talking to them, our relationships improved. If it wasn’t for Rawhide, I would probably be in jail right now.”

Therapy was a struggle for Jay at first but, today, his therapist is one of the people he feels closest to. His favorite part of Rawhide has been participating in equine therapy and working in the barn with the horses. He also discovered another passion while at Rawhide.

“My time at Rawhide helped me realize I really enjoy working with kids,” said Jay. “Rawhide gave me the opportunity to mentor another youth on campus. I am like his Big Brother.”

Jay is most proud of the positive changes he’s made and the fact that he’s graduating from high school. He hopes to be remembered as a positive influence on younger kids and a hard worker.

“I am also proud to be sober,” said Jay. “My therapist gave me tools and strategies to help me maintain my sobriety.”

During his time at Rawhide, he learned to be more considerate of others and plans to carry that with him when he leaves.

His message to Rawhide’s generous donors: “Thank you for making Rawhide possible!”