Bart Starr’s NFL legacy is widely known—the famous “Ice Bowl” and three consecutive championships. However, he and his wife Cherry also created a legacy off the field that is equally inspirational.

A Gift to the Starrs

Bart and Cherry have opened their hearts to troubled youth at Rawhide since 1965. Their continued dedication and support helps Rawhide make a difference in the lives of at-risk youth and their families. Because of this legacy, we created a special gift for the Starrs to show our appreciation. We opened our Bart and Cherry Starr Museum earlier this year just in time for their 60th wedding anniversary.

Highlighting a Lifetime of Wins—On and Off the Field

Our museum showcases the history of Bart’s career as a Green Bay Packer quarterback and coach, plus his and Cherry’s Rawhide involvement. “We wanted to give our visitors an idea of their life and family, and the importance of family, which is so important to Rawhide,” explains Executive Director, John Solberg.

The museum walls proudly display memorabilia that spans the decades:

  • Bart’s football career
  • Starr family photos
  • Charity awards
  • Photos taken with Rawhide guys

Most of the photos belong to Rawhide and were originally displayed in the upper level mezzanine of the Carriage Company building. When touring the museum, you’ll also see mementos of his days in the NFL like the front page of the Post Crescent’s coverage of the Ice Bowl, plus his helmet, jersey, and cleats in a locker display. Other items were donated or made specifically for the museum, like a football-shaped door handle and a mirror glass etching of Bart and Cherry.

Bart Donates MVP Corvette

One of Bart’s most public contributions to Rawhide was in 1968 when he donated the red Corvette Stingray convertible he’d won as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in Super Bowl II. Proceeds from the ensuing raffle provided much needed funding for Rawhide, and the event greatly increased awareness of the mission to reshape lives.

A Little Help from Our Friends

The museum was in the planning stage for a while and took about two months to complete. We were able to build the museum thanks to generous donors who donated specifically for this gift. Some of our students donated their time and talents as well. Our guys designed and built a large, diamond-shaped table in the Gabrielse Woodworking Shop on ranch. The diamond shape honors the Starr’s 60th wedding anniversary.

Museum Hours

The museum is open to all Rawhide visitors and Bart Starr fans alike.

  • Monday – Friday 8 – 4 p.m
  • During our Fish Fries 5 – 8 p.m

Contact us to set up a tour.