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Buy From Rawhide

Donated Vehicles Sold on eBay

Buy Donated Cars & Vehicles From Rawhide

Since September 2005, Rawhide has been an active seller in the eBay community. Serving as a public auction, the Rawhide-Sales Ebay Store proves to be a terrific venue offering used boats, recreational vehicles, collector cars, and other miscellaneous items. Visit our Store today to see what deals wait for you and buy donated cars!

Rawhide Dealer-Only Sales

If you are a wholesale dealer, you can buy Rawhide cars from any of our auction houses. Many of the auctions allow you to preview items online prior to the sale.

Rawhide is taking out the guesswork and saving you time and money while at auction. You’ll know up-front the extent of repairs needed to get the car ready to go on your lot before you even make a bid. Plus, if you find a problem with the vehicle that was not disclosed, we’ll buy the item back for the price you paid!