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For Immediate Release
Contact: Aaron Geitner
Public Relations Director
Rawhide, Inc.
(920) 538-5447


NEW LONDON, WI — May 26, 2019 — Rawhide, Inc., a leading faith-based organization serving at-risk youth throughout Wisconsin, was informed that Bart Starr, co-founder of Rawhide, passed away today in Birmingham, Alabama. Bart and his wife, Cherry, along with John and Jan Gillespie helped found the Rawhide Boys Ranch in 1965.

“The Rawhide family is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Bart Starr. Bart and Cherry have been incredibly instrumental in supporting and promoting Rawhide for over 50 years. Without Bart and Cherry, Rawhide would never have had the extensive impact on at-risk youth throughout Wisconsin,” said Alan B. Loux, President and CEO of Rawhide.

During the early years Bart helped generate needed financial support. Bart donated the Corvette he received as MVP from Super Bowl II to complete the down payment on the Rawhide property, raising over $40,000 in 3 days, which was over ten times the car’s list price at the time. Over the years, Bart and Cherry have been actively involved in tirelessly promoting Rawhide. They have donated countless hours sharing the Rawhide story, helping raise funds, visiting with the boys, and producing dozens of public service announcements for radio and TV.

In addition to his generosity, Bart will be remembered for his selfless, humble spirit that he modeled for those around him. He would selflessly spend time with the Rawhide youth and the staff. Bart and Cherry have inspired hundreds of boys who have gone through Rawhide’s program since 1965.

“My dad is so proud of what he was able to accomplish while playing with the Green Bay Packers. But he viewed that as a stepping stone to do something of even greater significance, and that was to make a difference in the lives of individuals who might otherwise not be able to turn their lives around. We will never know what would have happened without Rawhide, but we certainly know what has happened as a result of Rawhide,” said Bart Starr Jr.

Bart’s legacy continues at Rawhide. Starr Academy, the fully-accredited high school for at-risk youth at Rawhide’s New London campus, was named in honor of Bart and Cherry’s significant contribution to Rawhide. In addition, the Bart and Cherry Starr museum is open to the public at Rawhide’s New London campus, showcasing personal memorabilia from Bart’s career with the Green Bay packers.

“Bart and Cherry have been the heart and soul of Rawhide since its inception. Bart will be sorely missed but never forgotten,” said Loux.

About Rawhide: Rawhide offers residential care and outpatient services dedicated to helping at-risk youth and their families lead healthy, responsible lives. Located outside of New London, Wisconsin, Rawhide, Inc. emphasizes a residential environment as an alternative to juvenile corrections for court-referred boys. In addition, Rawhide provides services to youth and their families through community-based programs such as foster care, outpatient counseling, equine therapy. Learn more about Rawhide by visiting its website at www.rawhide.org