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CHAPS Equine-Assisted Services

CHAPS Equine-Assisted Services

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Rawhide’s CHAPS Equine-Assisted Services provides support to youth and families struggling with behavioral and mental health issues, as well as builds skills and knowledge through work experience and course lessons.

Horses have a unique ability to meet humans on the same range of physical and emotional response, allowing individuals to bring issues forward with a safe, non-judgmental partner.

As individuals interact with horses, they will respond in ways that are characteristic to how they approach other challenges in life.


CHAPS serves youth and families through a suite of programs offered through our outpatient counseling clinics, residential care homes, work experience opportunities and Starr Academy courses:

Youth and Family Counseling Clinics

Equine-assisted psychotherapy pairs horses with clients to overcome emotional issues and trauma. Equine-Assisted Therapy is available at our Shiocton and New London outpatient clinics.


Residential Care Therapy

Youth in Residential Care Therapy (RCT) learn about themselves through experiential therapy, and can utilize the horse skills they acquire in work experience and course study.


Work Experience Program

Individuals in RCT can also take part in a Work Experience Program, with daily chore routines and industry learning, developing skills and a strong and committed work ethic.


Starr Academy

The Horsemanship elective class at Rawhide’s fully-accredited, on-site high school, allows students to interact with horses and learn about equine through a broad overview of the industry, providing students with barn management, and career-focused, relationship-building skills.

What to Expect

Youth and families entering equine-assisted services will learn about themselves through their interactions with horses in a variety of challenges, initiatives, and cooperative activities.


Locations offering CHAPS services:

New London


For more information about CHAPS call 1-877-300-9101