Every now and then, we get a boat donation with its own kind of specialness. An item worth noting. An item worth talking about. And it happened again the other day. An area resident dropped off an older fiberglass fishing boat—the kind you might have seen on the Andy Griffith show set in the fictional town of Mayberry during the 1960s.

Upon closer inspection, we realized we had a bit of local history on our hands. A local company manufactured this basic fishing boat in the late 1960s a mere 15 miles from our ranch.

The Local Company: Glass-Fab, Inc.

Glass-Fab, Inc. set up shop in New London, Wisconsin in 1965, specializing in fiberglass fishing and sport boats. One of Glass-Fab’s first products was a motorized boat-float for parades. The New London Chamber of Commerce purchased the float, added the phrase “Drop your anchor in New London” along the base, and used it as a promotional item. Sadly, Glass-Fab, Inc. closed its doors in 1975.

The Boat Donation: Winnebago Fisherman

Upon finding online images of an old Glass-Fab catalog, we identified the donated boat. The catalog, dated 1969,  describes the boat as a “large, deep, roomy boat designed for those who like to fish big waters.” Coincidentally, the boat model is “The Winnebago Fisherman.”  We suspect the boat is named after Lake Winnebago, the largest lake within Wisconsin. One of the lake’s primary tributaries is the Wolf River which runs through the city of New London.

Imagine the fish tales if this boat could talk!

Original Characteristics Preserved

donated fishing boat new london WisconsinWhile this donated boat has had some upgrades throughout the years; it still sports the original sea-green color and has matching seat cushions. A swivel seat was added in the front, but the original charm has been preserved. The owner took good care of this boat.

This is a great little fishing boat with many years of life left, and we are grateful to receive this boat donation.

How Boat Donations Support Our Mission

All of the boats that are donated to us are sold on our ebay store. The proceeds from these sales are used to support our troubled youth programs and family counseling which benefit communities across the state.

Learn how you can help support our mission with a Wisconsin boat donation.