Rawhide offers troubled youth a fun, seven-day wilderness summer camp called Adventure Camp. This camping program is not a boot camp; it is designed to be fun while teaching respect for self and others. Young men who are credit-deficient at school may earn summer camp high school credits here. Other guys emerge with a new perspective on life.

Goals of Adventure Camp

The Adventure Camp program has been part of Rawhide’s curriculum since 2009. Lyle, the camp administrator at Rawhide has led the camp since that time. He explains that Adventure Camp is meant to help at risk youth build interpersonal skills like self-confidence, responsibility and respect for one another. Its main focus is building these specific skills, so that students are able to apply them to their daily lives.

During Adventure Camp, campers enjoy the great Wisconsin outdoors while experiencing various activities like:

  • canoeing
  • swimming
  • fishing
  • hiking
  • rock climbing

They also experience personal growth in areas like:

  • character building
  • team building
  • self-control
  • respect for self and others

Four out of the seven days of summer camp are filled with camping and canoeing in the Flambeau River State Forest. The remaining three days are spent at Camp Forest Springs preparing for the trip to Flambeau River State park. During this half of the trip, campers experience more traditional summer camping activities.

Criteria for Earning High School Credit

Campers are also able to earn high school credit through Adventure Camp as an extra incentive. Lyle explains that in order for students to earn the high school credit, they have to successfully complete the camp activities, along with a written experimental journal that is part of the curriculum. The curriculum focuses on respect, responsibility and self-control.

What to Bring, What to Leave at Home

Some of the things that students need to bring with them during the trip are a few changes of clothing, a sleeping bag, and a flashlight if desired. Everything else is provided by Rawhide’s Adventure Camp staff. Students are not allowed to bring electronic devices, like cell phones, video games, iPods or tablets. The reason for this, Lyle explains, is to eliminate distractions so students can have a better experience on the camping trip.

Who Can Attend?

Adventure Camp is available to the public, so any young man, between 13 -17 years of age, who is interested in attending can sign up. Cost for the week-long camp is $450 per camper. Often times, we see grandparents enrolling their grandsons for this camp.

Results Over the Years

Throughout the years, Adventure Camp has been beneficial to our students. Many students who have previously attended the summer camp arrived home with a new and improved attitude. Parents have also been extremely surprised and thankful for how our Adventure Camp changes their son’s behavior and attitude. Adventure Camp is a great experience for our students, and they are excited for the opportunity.