We have several therapeutic programs for clients, and one of them involves the help of fun, loving animals. Our  equine therapy program, R.E.A.P.  which stands for Rawhide Equine Assisted Program, involves horses, a donkey, and ponies. Clients interact with the animals that live in our stables, including five horses, three miniature horses and a donkey that is as stubborn as a donkey comes.

Equine Therapy

The R.E.A.P. Program benefits our clients in many different ways, but the three most important lessons it teaches clients are respect, boundaries and understanding. In the beginning of the program, clients are paired up with a horse that personally connects with them, and together they are given tasks to perform. This part of equine therapy teaches our clients certain boundaries that will help them throughout their life. It helps with issues they may be struggling with like anger management, thinking errors and alcohol or substance abuse. It also teaches them how to treat others with respect, how to build personal relationships and to become more confident in themselves. Clients are also able to help take care of the horses and other animals by feeding them and bathing them through our Work Experience Program. Because animals love unconditionally there is a special bond that is created between an animal and a person in need, and this is why our Equestrian Center is such an important part of the Rawhide community. In order to keep the Equestrian Center up and running, there are things that need to be done on a daily basis. The horses and other animals have specific needs to keep them happy and healthy.

Supporting These Loving Animals

Rawhide is always accepting of donations and we greatly appreciate any donation that comes our way. The donations that we receive truly help support our mission in helping at-risk youth and families get their lives back on the right track. At the moment, our stables are in need of several things that our animals would benefit from and could be donated. Shavings, bedding, cedar chips, fly sprays, treats, hay, muck buckets, barn fans, grain, and a round bail feeder are some of the items that the stables are in need of at this time. There are other ways to donate as well. Cash donations are always accepted and appreciated and are used to provide for any one of our services that help out our clients.

Much like any of our other programs, equine therapy serves a very important role for our clients here at Rawhide. It teaches them important life lessons that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. We want to make sure that they are able to get the most out of the benefits that this program has to offer. If you would like to help our animals and support this great cause in helping at-risk youth change their lives around, please consider making a donation.

Please help the youth and families that use Rawhide to help rebuild their lives by making a financial donation today.