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Archives for December 2014

Setting Goals for the New Year and Beyond

Why do we make New Year’s resolutions? We see the beginning of a new year as a second chance, an opportunity to start fresh. For many of the Rawhide guys, their time here is exactly that—a chance to turn their lives around and make a change. Rawhide staff uses several tactics to help the guys achieve this transformation, and all involve setting goals. We prefer to set goals for our guys instead of New Year resolutions because goals are measurable.

Setting Goals – A Plan of Action

When a guy first comes to Rawhide, our team creates an initial treatment plan that identifies goals and objectives for his character and behavior. The plan may focus on improvements in the following areas, among others:

  • Self-Control
  • Coping skills development
  • Relationship management
  • Respecting others

The treatment plan aligns the support team members involved in the guy’s development. The team periodically reviews and adjusts the plan according to his progress. From a student’s arrival at Rawhide until his departure, he has a treatment team who continually works with him, sets goals, and measures his progress. This treatment team includes:

  • Clinical supervisor
  • Youth homes manager
  • Case manager
  • Therapist
  • Home administrator

Every Rawhide home has a specific treatment team that meets once a week to discuss and assess each guy’s progress and plan. Family members may also contribute to a student’s treatment plan—initially and periodically.

Reaching Goals – Success

Setting goals gives each guy direction and helps measure his progress. We love our guys, and we want to equip them with tools to be successful. When the guys reach a goal, they gain confidence and experience a sense of accomplishment—no matter how small the goal may seem at the time. Daily victories can be very significant in building self-esteem or modifying behavior. So Rawhide uses an individual ranking system. Each day, students receive points which change their rank either up or down and results in gaining or losing certain privileges. Special privileges might include:

  • Staying up past bedtime one night
  • Shooting hoops on the basketball court by himself
  • Getting to choose which dinnertime chore he prefers like clearing the table or washing dishes

This constant feedback helps to shape behavior and lets the guys know what areas they need to work on. The staff aims to develop a close, positive relationship with each guy, incorporating discipline with teaching moments and skill development. They want the guys to be uplifted and encouraged, not crushed.

Hope as Motivator

Attaining goals instills hope in Rawhide guys—a hope that they can achieve something worthwhile. Some aspire to attend college and become authors or pastors. Others aspire to get a steady job and have a family. No matter what their hope might be, it is crucial that they learn how to set goals and create a plan to reach those goals. Hope motivates, and we certainly want these guys to stay motivated. That’s why it’s so important for the treatment team to be in tune with each student’s progress and adapt accordingly. We want to help our guys find hope and stay motivated to reach their goals.

Tips For Those Who Plan To Donate A Car Milwaukee

People all over the country want to help out and donate a car to charity in some way or another and this certainly includes those who live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. However, anything you decide to donate has been paid for with money you worked very hard to earn, which means that you will want to make sure that it goes to the right place. When you donate a car Milwaukee charities would be very happy to take it off your hands, but you do have to check that you agree with where it goes to and how it is used.

In Milwaukee donate a car procedures are very easy to follow and it is a process that won’t cost you much time. In 2000, when a count was first done for the whole U.S., nearly 750,000 people deducted a car donation from their tax returns. This means that their collective tax bills were lowered by a total of more than $650 million. This is an interesting amount, meaning that when you donate a car to charity, you actually help yourself as well. Let’s take a look at the three main tips you need to follow to get the most out of your actions. The system of car donations in this country is set up to make sure donors can get maximum benefits out of it. However, there are a few small risks associated with donating your car, so you will want to choose the best charity to donate a car to, so here are three tips that you can follow.

1 – Only Work With a Charitable Organization That Accepts Car Donations Directly

When you donate a car Milwaukee charities should be able to accept the donation directly. Don’t go through an intermediary organization, because they will only take some of the money made with your donation and use it for their own profit. Indeed, the percentage these intermediary organizations take can be as much as 50%, which means half of the money you give actually goes towards lining pockets rather than helping people. Always work with a charity that takes the cars directly themselves, so that 100% of the profit go to where it really matters.

2 – Confirm That the Charity Is 501(c)(3) Registered

There are a lot of charitable organizations out there that claim to be not for profit. However, only those that are 501(c)(3) registered can actually offer you a way to make a tax deduction. This is because the 501(4) and (5) organizations can lobby the government. Some of these include the National Rifle Association and the Disabled American Veterans. Thus, although some of these may be worthy causes, your tax deduction application will not be accepted when you donate to them.

3 – Make Sure Your Car Is Properly Valued

The IRS is very keen to ensure that vehicles have been valued properly, particularly now that so many people use this type of donation to be able to file for a tax deduction. As a results, tax audits have been increased and the laws surrounding these deductions are being reviewed. Hence, it is no longer a case of simply stating the estimated value of your vehicle. Rather, you need to make sure that you receive a tax receipt that demonstrates how much the vehicle was actually sold for. This will tell you exactly how much you are able to deduct as well.

Rawhide Car Donations – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

When referring to Rawhide car donations, many people think of Bart Starr’s famous 1968 red Chevrolet Corvette. While this Super Bowl MVP car is a shining star (no pun intended) of all vehicle donations, there have been many more unique cars and other vehicle types donated over the years. One person even donated a hot air balloon to us! Other quirky and fascinating donations include collectible cars like Model Ts, fire trucks, jet skis, and more.

A Blast from the Past (The Good)

While some cars have had a short, rough life, other donations are still in pretty good condition decades after being manufactured. Some of these beauties include:

  • Various Model Ts
  • Willy’s Whippet from the early 1900s
  • 1946 Allis Chalmers tractor
  • 1950s Packard sedan
  • 1956 Ford F600
  • 1956 Chevy Belair
  • 1973 VW Square Back Type 2
  • 1979 Lincoln Continental
  • 1987 Buick Grand National

If you found yourself dreaming of owning one of these classic cars or a vintage tractor to show off to your friends, visit our eBay store. New vehicles are added each week. You never know when you’ll be the winning bidder!

Trucking Along (Also, The Good)

While we have lots of classic car donations, people have also donated various utility trucks to Rawhide. About a year ago, we received a 1953 LaFrance/American fire truck. The classic design and vintage body caught one bidder’s attention, who then quickly purchased it from our eBay store.

This was one of several fire trucks that have been donated to Rawhide. Around the same time of the LaFrance/American donation, we also received a 1958 International R196 Antique fire truck donation. This too caught the eye of one lucky shopper and was auctioned off on eBay.

Not every specialty truck donation is meant for putting out fires.  In early 2014 a 1994 GMC Sign Truck was donated and later auctioned off on eBay. Imagine taking that to your driver’s test.

Recently, we’ve received a donation complete with not one, not two, but three televisions built into it. The truck the televisions are mounted on even had a high-tech sound system!

What’s That? (The Bad)

Actually, we don’t think there is such a thing as a bad donation. If a vehicle is totaled and would cost more to fix than its market value, it can be used for salvage parts. And that’s a good thing too. However, every once and awhile, we get something that looks like it came out of Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. That might qualify as Bad to the Bone! You be the judge.

Accidents Happen (The Ugly)

Rawhide accepts all car donations, running or not. This makes for some interesting donations as some have seen better days. One donation tried to take on a train, which didn’t work out for the four-door car. Another car arrived with the hood pushed up resembling a hard shell taco. Not pretty by any means.

Unforgettable Customization (Also, The Ugly)

While vehicles of all kinds have come and gone from our lot, one vehicle in particular was so radically customized that it belonged on a list of “Things that make you go Hmmm.”

One donor decided that their old Ford Taurus needed an upgrade and, subsequently, added a sleeper cab to the back. An ordinary Taurus became an extraordinary Taurus / camper. The first hybrid, perhaps?

Another vehicle’s customization proved that cats weren’t just for social media. A donated RV had black and yellow painted stripes on the sides. Amongst these black and yellow stripes were various cats in various poses, creating the purrfect motor home for someone as they purchased it off of our eBay site: either that or they found a dream home for their beloved felines. As “they” say: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Another donor decided their Volkswagen Beetle needed customization. They put a lift kit on it and extended the exhaust to make it look like something out of Mad Max!

Beyond Car Donations

Many local area residents are familiar with Rawhide’s car and other vehicle donations. What you might not know is that we take less-ordinary donations as well. Recently, our school’s wood shop needed lumber for student projects. Jerry, our wood shop instructor, and his wife prayed for additional lumber for the boys and the very next Monday, a large quantity was donated.

Unique or not, any donation to Rawhide gives troubled youth a second chance. Proceeds fund our programs that help them and their families. If this is something you are interested in, you can donate your vehicle to us in 3 easy steps.

Making A Vehicle Donation Madison Charities Will Use

Some of us are really fortunate and are able to purchase a new vehicle without selling our old one or parting it. If this is you, then why not consider giving back to the community in Madison, Wisconsin, and helping those people who are not as fortunate? You can do this through vehicle donation Madison charities. Sure, this means you won’t get any money for your vehicle (although you will get a tax deduction for it), but it does mean that you can play your part in making the world a better place. In fact, there are many benefits to working with vehicle donation Madison charities.

The Benefits of Vehicle Donations

Firstly, when you donate a vehicle, it means you don’t have to sell it. There would be no time and money wasted advertising it, no need to continue to pay insurance, no pressure with people wanting to test drive it and more. All you need to do is pick a Madison vehicle donation charity that you can stand behind, and everything will be done for you.

Then, there is the fact that charities will take on any type of vehicle, in any condition. This means that you no longer have to maintain and service your car or have it repaired. Naturally, the better the condition of the vehicle the more the charity will get for it, but they will be happy with any vehicle that you can give.

Then, there is the fact that if you donate your vehicle, you can get a tax deduction for it. You do have to make sure that the charity you have chosen is 501c3 registered, which means they cannot lobby Congress. So long as your donation is worth less than $500, you can deduct the fair market value from your vehicle. If it is worth more, you will need a specific tax receipt to make your deduction. A good charity will immediately explain the procedure you need to follow and they will provide you with the necessary paperwork as well.

Finally, it is a known fact that by doing charitable things, you gain a greater sense of self-worth, and quite rightly so. When you donate a vehicle to charity, you are directly supporting incredibly important work. Remember that most charities receive little to no government assistance and they are completely dependent on the kindness of people like yourself to make a difference in the world.

There are many charities out there who would accept a Madison vehicle donation. Your choice is a personal decision that only you could make. However, you may want to consider a Christian-based charity that works with young people in improving their mental health and aims to provide them with the support they need to regain control of their lives and become positive, contributing members of society in adulthood. This means that the positive effects of the work such an organization does can be noticed in your community for many years, not in the least because these young people often end up becoming mentors for other young people.

Troubled Youth Finds Stability & Life Passion through Rawhide

Eight years earlier, Luigi was at a very rough and stressful point in his life. He realized he needed to change. Various problems were occurring in Luigi’s home life as well as his life outside the home, involving repeat law enforcement interaction. Because of these issues, Luigi landed at Rawhide and learned how he could redirect his energy in a positive direction. Through a recent radio interview with 91.1 The Avenue, Luigi explained how Rawhide provided a positive outlet for him to help find his life passion. This formerly troubled youth finds stability in his life for the first time with Rawhide, too.

Rawhide’s Impact from the Beginning

Luigi was placed in a foster living center at the age of six because his parental home was tumultuous and anything but stable. When he eventually landed at Rawhide, he had very little experience in a stable household and, with no idea what to expect, was terrified upon his arrival. He believed the ranch would be a place where he would have little-to-no freedom and wondered how he would manage to change in an environment like that. But as he quickly found out, Rawhide was different. “They greeted me with open arms; they gave me smiles—it was a totally different aspect than what I was expecting.”

Learning New, Positive Outlets

The first thing Luigi noticed was how easy it was to keep busy in a positive manner at Rawhide. “I really expressed myself in music. That was a huge turning point for me; I was able to find an outlet—doing things that I want to do that are healthy instead of immersing myself in negative activities.” Rawhide provided this opportunity through their worship team, allowing Luigi to sing every single week. The positive work didn’t stop there. He was also given the opportunity to make desserts in the café as well as helping to clean the grounds. “That is what really made a change. It’s not a type of place where you just go and whatever happens, happens. It’s nothing like that. You go to Rawhide and it changes you, and I quickly found that out.”

Life After Rawhide

Luigi spent six months at Rawhide before being placed in an aftercare home that reinforced what he learned at Rawhide. He lived there for about a year and became more involved in the community. He also stayed busy and continued to do positive things that he wanted to do. “The only way for me to keep myself on track is to keep myself busy with positive activities. And that’s what I learned at Rawhide,”
Luigi has two pieces of advice for young people:

  1. “Don’t be afraid to reach out. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t let your pride get in the way. I see a lot of people wanting to go it alone, trying to do it by themselves, but that’s not the best way. There is always going to be someone there to help you no matter what the situation.”
  2. “It’s been eight years, but I still reach out to John Solberg. I still reach out to Rawhide because that’s my backbone. That’s what I rely on.”

Luigi works at Rawhide on a monthly basis and is in a place he wouldn’t have expected to be years ago. “If you would have told me eight years ago I’d be getting married and would become a father, I’d have told you that you were crazy, but that’s what drives me. That’s what gets me through the day.”

“The journey is the reward. There’s always something waiting for you. God has a plan for you. That’s honestly what, every single morning, I go off of.”

For the full interview, which also features Rawhide executive director John Solberg, visit The Avenue Radio’s website.

Donate A Vehicle Green Bay Communities Use to Help Others

Have you ever tried to find a way to make a real difference in the lives of people in Green Bay, Wisconsin? Did you know that if you donate a vehicle Green Bay residents will be very grateful for your help? This type of donation is very different from regular financial contributions or donating time through volunteer work. That is not to say the latter two are not appreciated, but when you donate a vehicle Green Bay charitable organizations will benefit from, a substantial amount of funds is provided that will help the city’s residents who are truly in need of assistance.

Some Statistics on Vehicle Donations

Donating a vehicle to charity is completely tax deductible. In the year 2000, the IRS reviewed the amount of vehicle donation deductions they have encountered and it was found that some 750,000 people in the U.S. actually used this process to deduct a total of $650 million off their tax bills. The IRS being the IRS had to tighten the rules after this, but it seems that there are still more and more charities that would like to receive this type of donation. This is because they are able to receive a much larger single cash injections, which can immediately go to where they are needed the most.

How to Find a Good Vehicle Donation Scheme

There are now quite literally hundreds, if not thousands, of charities that accept vehicle donations in the United States. Choosing between these is entirely up to you, as you should pick one that is close to your heart. Naturally, you will select one that serves your own community. But what matters is that you choose a charity directly, rather than going through an intermediary. This is because intermediaries are private, for-profit companies that will take a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the vehicle. This is generally between 50% and 90% and it is likely that you would want all of the money made through the sale of your vehicle to go to a worthy cause, and not to give profit to certain companies.

How You Can Donate Vehicle to Charity

Luckily, donating your car is very easy. In Green Bay donate a vehicle charities tend to have websites where you can complete a contact form highlighting the details of your vehicle. Alternatively, you can telephone them to discuss the details. Once this has been received, they will arrange a time and date to pick up the car that is convenient for you. The charity will then sell your car through an auction, after which they will provide you with a tax receipt that you will need for claiming a tax deduction. It is recommended that you do a little bit of research into the market value of your vehicle yourself to give you a general idea of what to expect. Additionally, make sure the charity has indicated clearly what sort of items and details they need from you. For instance, they will require you to prove that the vehicle fully belongs to you and does not have any outstanding financial obligations or liens on it. These are all details that they will discuss with you, however, and will only take a few minutes to complete.

Christmas at Rawhide Thanks to Schneider National

Think back to your fondest Christmas memory. Maybe it was your amazement that the cookies you left out for Santa the night before were now missing. Maybe it was your awe when you ran to the Christmas tree and were greeted by a mountain of gifts just waiting to be ripped into. It may be hard to believe, but some of the Rawhide guys haven’t experienced that. Some have never received a wrapped present for Christmas—ever. Many of the guys wonder what their Christmas at Rawhide will be like, most likely expecting more of the same. But thanks to Schneider National of Green Bay, the guys will be receiving a wonderful surprise this Christmas.

Santa Arrives for Christmas at Rawhide

Hundreds of gifts arrived at the ranch this week via a “sleigh” pulled with horsepower instead of reindeer power. The gifts were beautifully wrapped in traditional festive colors of red, green, gold and silver – and were even delivered in multiple Santa bags. Each gift contains an item from a guy’s wish list or something that the entire house needs. Helpful Rawhide employees played the role of elves and sorted the gifts by home. The gifts are then delivered to each house according to when they would like to celebrate Christmas.

As the gifts await the guys under the Christmas trees, the beautiful wrapping paper conceals clothes, toys, games, and more. But to our Rawhide guys, there’s more in those gifts than just material objects. For the first time, many of the guys have something special waiting for them on Christmas. They have the opportunity to open their very own special gifts with their housemates and houseparents in a safe, friendly, and festive environment. And for most, this is the first Christmas where they are around people who think of them in a positive light.

More than Material Goods

The smiles on the guys’ faces provide sufficient testament that Schneider’s donations mean the world. And while they enjoy the gifts, they treasure that someone cared enough to do this for them. Likewise, Schneider employees experience joy by donating gifts to the guys, so much so that many continue giving year after year. They are so touched by how much our guys appreciate the love and care that many Schneider employees continue to give to Rawhide. They feel a special loyalty towards Rawhide and, therefore, only consider Rawhide during the holiday season. We and our guys are most thankful for this too.

How It All Began

This is the third year in a row that Schneider has “played Santa” for Rawhide at Christmas. The relationship between Schneider National and Rawhide began with a simple mission—to procure a truck for Rawhide. The ranch needed a truck on hand for various uses, so we reached out to Schneider for help. Schneider found a truck and donated it to Rawhide. A few Schneider employees visited Rawhide to see how the truck was working out. That visit began a relationship that would grow. Schneider began donating money to Rawhide’s mission, and both continued to stay in touch.

Schneider employees found themselves wanting to do more and asked what else they could do to help Rawhide. Schneider had been participating in an adopt-a-family program many years prior to their association with Rawhide and realized that Rawhide was an option for this program. Soon after, a Christmas tree appeared in the Schneider lobby decorated with ornaments that had names of Rawhide guys as well as their interests and needs at the Ranch. The ornaments were quickly replaced with gifts as the Schneider employees took up the initiative as if the guys were part of their family.

Giving Back

The Rawhide-Schneider partnership goes beyond Christmas gifts. In 2011, the Rawhide About Face students donated an art board that is on display at Schneider National in Green Bay. The artwork features various pictures including boys playing basketball, taking care of one of the horses, and the difference in the guys’ attitudes as they eave Rawhide. These activities generate warm feelings as well as an eagerness for Schneider employees to continue the gift giving year after year. Whether it is pride in donating or the feeling of having a safe Christmas, both Schneider and Rawhide experience a great deal of joy from the relationship. While Schneider has played Santa to our guys for three years now, the strong partnership looks to continue for years to come. This partnership is the reason why many of the guys think that Christmas at Rawhide is the best Christmas they’ve ever experienced. God bless them.

Saving The Environment When You Donate Car Green Bay

Our planet is in a constant state of change and growth, and we need to ensure that all of the changes that it endures in the coming years are for the better. This is why it has become more important than ever before for individuals in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to think carefully about what they can do for the environment.

Many people instantly think about hybrid cars when they discuss the way that their vehicles could contribute to an improved environment, and the reason for this is that new technology continues to be developed every day, for lower prices. However, one of the main issues that people worry about when thinking about switching to a more environment-friendly form of transportation, is how they can get rid of their old vehicles.

There is actually a way for you to clear out space for your new hybrid vehicle. When you decide to donate car to charity, you are actively providing help for an organization that needs all of the contributions it can get. Cars donation has become increasingly popular throughout the years, as an ideal alternative for individuals who do not necessarily have the other funds or resources to help organizations in need.

In Green Bay Donate Car to Help Charitable Organizations

Once you have made the decision to purchase your hybrid vehicle, it’s important to remember that although the car you are getting rid of may not appeal to you anymore, it has significant value to charitable organizations in need of contributions. When you log into Google and search for, “donate car Green Bay” you may initially be surprised by the number of donate a car services available for you to access. If you begin to struggle with making a decision regarding your cars donation choice, you may find that learning more about the various charities in question helps you to understand what your contribution could do. For example, your vehicle can be used to generate money and resources for youths who are at risk.

The Benefits of Vehicle Donation

Donating your vehicle once you no longer have use for it means that you can begin to save money on insurance, fuel, and upkeep for a vehicle you do not need. It also means that you are assisting in the crucial work of an important charity by allowing them to utilize the proceeds collected through the sale of your old vehicle. Whenever you choose to donate an old car, truck, or automobile, you are providing help to people that may not be able to find assistance anywhere else.

If you decided to purchase a hybrid car, then donating your car to charity could also help you to steer clear of the various hassles that can be associated with selling an old vehicle yourself. The charity you choose will utilize the funds generated from your vehicle to finance various important causes, and you can use your contribution to claim a tax deduction according to the amount the car has been sold for.

Thus, you can make an impact on the environment and the world around you, by switching to a hybrid car, and donate your car to charity.

A Guide To Help You Donate A Vehicle To Charity In Milwaukee

The process of donating a car to charity in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is very easy. Indeed, all you need to do to donate a vehicle to charity is contact the organization of your choice via the telephone or online, and they will send someone out to have your vehicle picked up. But when it comes to vehicle donation Milwaukee has many charities that would be interested in receiving your car. Hence, it can be quite difficult for you to choose the right charity to work with. The following hints and tips could help you to decide which charity is most deserving of your support.

Important Steps in Donating a Vehicle

Let us take a look at the steps to follow for the Milwaukee donate vehicle process. Firstly, you should spend some time researching your chosen charity. Look into whether your donation will be tax deductible, in which case they must be qualified to do so. You should look into 501(c)(3) charities, as these are the most common ones that allow for tax deductions. Secondly, you need to find out what the market value of your vehicle is. You are not actually guaranteed to receive that amount of money for it, and you will only be able to deduct the money the vehicle donation charity actually gets, but it is always good to have a general idea of what to expect. Finally, find out whether there are any other things you need to do or are responsible for, such as how to sign over your title deed.


Next, there are a few things you may want to know for your own peace of mind when you donate vehicle to charity. Find out where your car will go and how it will be used, for instance. Additionally, if the car is auctioned off, how does the charity intend to use that money? Will it be used for the benefit of your community, or is it a national charity meaning it could go anywhere? Additionally, you should look which services and programs the charity intends to fund with that money. Finally, do make sure that you look into the charity’s efficiency rating. This means that you look into how much of your money goes directly to the work the charity does, and how much of it goes on their administrative costs.

How to Find a Charity

When you donate a vehicle to charity, the ultimate decision of where you go is yours to make. However, you do have to make sure that it is an IRS-recognized charitable organization first. If that isn’t the case, then the tax deduction will be rejected, costing you money. The IRS has compiled a list of qualified charities that you can use for this, or you can look up details through the Better Business Bureau. If you are struggling to choose a cause that matters to you, you could look at the 200 largest charities in the country, which have been listed on Forbes including their financial details. However, not every one of these 200 charities accepts vehicle donations, so do look into that element as well when you are planning to make a vehicle donation Milwaukee charitable organizations can make use of.

The Rawhide Difference for Troubled Youth

Family Living Structure

What sets Rawhide apart from other Residential Care Centers (RCCs) for at-risk youth? Our family living structure and philosophy. Before many guys arrived at Rawhide, traditional family love and support was not present for them. Many grew up with a gap in their lives, never experiencing a strong, healthy family dynamic. The Rawhide Difference of a family living structure fills that gap by providing a traditional family unit, complete with a housefather and a housemother in Rawhide’s group homes. The idea behind this model is two-fold:

  1. To ensure it does not feel like clinical therapy
  2. To provide a crucial element that may have been missing in their lives to this point

Leading by Example

Both the father and mother figures are important in the lives of the Rawhide guys for different reasons. Many Rawhide guys experience a quality father figure for the first time because of our family living structure.

“I’ve had alumni come back and say it helped them learn how to be a dad,” Rawhide Executive Director, John Solberg said. “They talked about how they learned to hug their kids before bed every night because that’s what the housefather did for them.”

The housemother is equally important in their development. She provides love and acceptance to the young men despite any mistakes or flaws. Together, this family living model is designed to build character, social skills, personal responsibilities, and personal care as well as to help our guys become the best men they can be. The houseparents do so by leading with example and providing them with a family dynamic that can aid in their healing and growth.

Speaking the Truth in Love

When an issue arises, houseparents confront with love and speak the truth if it will help a guy grow. They speak hard truths with love and often it’s just what the guys need to hear. The houseparents exhibit healthy parenting behaviors that many boys did not experience before Rawhide.

The Power of Family Dinners

Family Dinner at Rawhide

Typical family dinner in one of Rawhide’s group homes.

The family living philosophy at Rawhide includes regular family dinners. A 2012 study, conducted by Cornell University, found that routine family meals can generate feelings of closeness and comfort towards their parent figures,* also a new experience. This is also the first time many get the chance to eat three balanced meals a day, because before Rawhide, some would eat cereal for every meal. Mealtime prayer accompanies dinner, and some houses even watch the nightly news together after dinner.


* http://www.human.cornell.edu/pam/outreach/upload/Family-Mealtimes-2.pdf

Understanding The Tax Break For Green Bay Car Donation

Donating your car to charity in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is a great way to offer support to a worthwhile organization whilst still obtaining some manner of tax deduction benefit. Donors should know  that the tax deductions that they can receive for contributing automobiles, boats, trucks, and other vehicles are only possible when dealing with a qualified charity. Furthermore, deductions on all tax returns to the IRS should be carefully itemized if you want to receive the benefits.

Previously, donating a car was far more straightforward, as donors were capable of claiming a deduction equivalent to the fair market value of the vehicle. However, some of the simplicity left the process in 2005, when Congress discovered that most tax payers were claiming more in deduction than their old vehicles were really worth. Today, donors are required to wait for the Green Bay car donation service they choose to sell the old car, before they can be informed how much was paid for it.

Why Donate at All?

When you donate car to charity Green Bay communities can benefit from there are various factors to consider. Giving a charity car is a great alternative if you don’t have excess funds or more traditional items to donate. However, if your goal is to make money back in the form of tax relief, donating may not be the ideal choice. It’s worth remembering that the deduction you can claim will only be worth a fraction of the value of your car. For example, if your marginal tax rate falls at approximately 28%, and the car that you donate is worth $2000, you will only generate a deduction of around $560.

In Green Bay donate a car to charity to help the organization in question and make a difference to the world that you live in. That is the driving force for the action. Car donation charities allow individuals to enjoy the convenience and altruism that comes with making a contribution that has an impact on the community. However, if you would like to ensure that your contribution will be appropriately handled, and that you will continue to be eligible for a deduction, you may need to do some research.

Ensure You’re Donating to an Eligible Charitable Organization

When it comes to obtaining a tax deduction for your charitable activity, it is important to recognize that they are only available for donations made to 501(c)(3) groups. In other words, this refers to public charities that the IRS has recognized as exempted from taxes. If you want to verify the qualification status of any organization, you can easily contact the division for public charities, or the IRS Tax exempt costumer services.

Today, despite the good it can provide, the number of donated cars within the Green Bay area remains disappointingly low. If you want to make a difference in a different way, and potentially earn a reward for yourself at the same time, then consider the option to donate your car. You may be surprised at just how much it can benefit you and the community.

How Our Rawhide Cafe Staff Keeps Us Nourished

When we talk about meals at the Rawhide “ranch,” perhaps you picture a movie scene of folks sitting around a campfire serving up bowls of baked beans and little else. Well, our Rawhide cafe staff does rustle up some tasty baked beans now and then, but each day they lay out quite the diverse spread for lunch. And instead of sitting on logs surrounding a campfire, we sit at table and chairs in our very own Frontier Cafe. If you’ve ever been to one of our fish fries, you’ve been in our cafe. Our Rawhide cafe team primarily consists of Jeff, Lori, Theresa, and a few others. They all work at a fast-pace to make sure Rawhide employees, occasional students, and visitors are well-fed and satisfied.

A Well-Oiled Machine

Each member of the Frontier cafe staff fills a vital role. Typically, Jeff plans the entire menu and cooks the main course, while Theresa focuses on the salad bar, and Lori makes the desserts. They put a great deal of consideration into each lunch, making sure to include a variety of foods. Just as a restaurant prefers to offer patrons a varied and full menu, the café staff seeks to also offer a variety of options. In addition to meal planning—they clean up after us! They make sure the kitchen and dining areas are kept clean, including washing dishes and utensils after each meal—also just like a restaurant.

The Art of Crafting Meals on a Budget

Running a kitchen is not as easy as it might seem. A lot more goes into a meal than simply preparing the food beforehand and cleaning up afterward. Jeff plans Rawhide’s meals on a strict budget, so his challenge is to make each dollar stretch as far as he can, while also providing nutritious and tasty food. The extraordinary café staff has learned to get creative with food supplies on a budget. They turn ordinary food into a truly delicious dish. If you would like firsthand experience, please come for a tour that includes lunch and eat in our Frontier Cafe.

Teaching Opportunities

A few of the Rawhide guys have the opportunity to work in the café through the Work Experience Program. Jeff, Lori, and Theresa take the time to work with the guys and teach them skills they can use in future jobs and life off the Ranch. These skills include teamwork, work ethic, personal discipline, and following directions. The cafe staff welcomes the additional help, especially during Fish Fry season!

Fish Fry Madness

Fish Fry Dinner at Rawhide Cafe“It’s just nuts,” Jeff says about the kitchen during our seasonal Friday Fish Fries. During the week leading up to a fish fry, preparations begin on Monday and continue each day throughout the week. The cafe staff doesn’t have much down time. Even in the winter, during the fish fry “off-season,” Jeff already begins preparing for the next summer’s fish fries.

A Pleasant Atmosphere

Rawhide is truly blessed with such kind and talented cafe staff. We have them to thank for our delicious lunches and the spotless cafe, but they also make a point to come out in the dining room during lunchtime and chat with employees, guys, and visitors. Jeff, Lori, and Theresa are passionate about their work in and outside of the kitchen, and that becomes clear through their interaction with Frontier Cafe visitors. They not only feed us well, but they also welcome us into the café each day and make us feel right at home.