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What is a Houseparent Job?

What is a houseparent job

Many of the young men in Residential Care Treatment come from broken homes and have a history of getting in trouble with the law.

As a houseparent, you will be in a unique position to show each young man what a loving, caring family looks like.

Learn more about being a Houseparent at Rawhide and apply below.

What does a houseparent job look like at Rawhide?

  • Traditional family-living model
  • Rawhide features six homes with 8-10 young men
  • Live-in , direct care staff of 2-3 youth care workers in every home

What are houseparents responsible for?

  • Household budget
  • Getting young men ready in the morning and off to school
  • Helping with homework, planned activities
  • Love and support


When the houseparents are not on duty, they can retreat into their private apartment which is connected to the house that they work in. Each apartment has a private entrance and two bedrooms.