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Parent Weekends

Parent Weekends

You will experience a weekend of high-impact group and family sessions that lead to stronger family relationships. Families will benefit from the expertise of an organization with over 45 years of experience working with youth and families. During this three-day retreat, you will receive support, instruction, and encouragement as you share your stories, meals and lives together. Beginning on Friday evening and ending Sunday at 12 noon, this unique weekend get-away offers at-risk families a profound experience from which to move beyond mere symptoms and toward a place of significant healing and growth.

Learn how to lighten a heavy heart, warm a cold heart, soften a hard heart and heal a broken heart. Discover the power of one’s presence, either for good or for ill. Learn how to turn your family into a healing community and your home into “the safest place on earth.” Rawhide Intensive Family Weekends can help families in disarray gain a renewed vigor and the foundation for a successful future.

A Deeper Awareness

Over the course of the retreat, families will deepen their understanding of…

  1. Effects of trauma and a wounded spirit
  2. Connection between stress, fear, and anger
  3. Dynamics of a toxic personality
  4. The cause and effects of addictive strongholds
  5. Why some behaviors aren’t changing

About Our Facilitators

Trained facilitators will guide families through carefully designed activities and discussions in a dynamic, interactive environment generating powerful insights and helping to foster more meaningful family bonds.


The retreat is located at the Shalom House.

Activities Schedule

Participate in fun family activities – pool, ping-pong, basketball, hiking, and more. The three days will be comprised of the following activities:

  • Friday (Day 1): 6:00 p.m. Check in. Move into rooms, meet & greet, retreat overview and orientation, group mixers, and the kickoff family group session
  • Saturday (Day 2): A series of therapeutic and experiential sessions interspersed with great meals, individualized family counseling, personal downtime, and activities
  • Sunday (Day 3): Brunch, the final culminating session, and family visitation bring the weekend to a close. 12:00 p.m. Checkout


Retreat Cost: $600 per family

Retreat Fees include:

  • Family sessions
  • Family activities
  • Two nights lodging
  • Four meals and a snack Friday night
  • Private bathroom and shower with each room
  • An experience you and your family will never forget

For more information about Intensive Family Weekends, call us at 1-888-745-7445.