Outpatient Counseling Services

Counseling Services , marriage counseling, couple's therapy

With our many years of combined counseling services experience, we compassionately and skillfully offer help to those in need. Our counselors use a blend of therapeutic styles and approaches to address a variety of personal and family concerns. Our counselors hold a Masters or Doctorate degree and are licensed by the State of Wisconsin.

Our counseling services serve both male and female clients of all ages, individually, within in a group or family.

In addition to individual and family therapy, Rawhide also offers group counseling for adolescents. Participants are challenged to make friends, engage in teamwork, express emotions, and provide feedback.

Therapy activities may include:

  1. art,
  2. drama,
  3. pet therapy,
  4. group games,
  5. team-building,
  6. and other fun exercises.

Counseling Services – Treatment Expertise
Includes Couple’s Therapy and Marriage Counseling

We counsel for a variety of personal and family issues as outlined in the list below, even couple’s therapy and marriage counseling. And we can schedule individual, group, couples or family appointments.

  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • ADD & ADHD
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Child & Adolescent Emotional or Behavioral Problems
  • Couple’s Therapy
  • Life Crisis & Transition
  • Loss & Grief
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Men’s Issues
  • Parenting Issues
  • Phobias
  • Physical Abuse
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Relational Difficulties
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Behavior Issues

Current Counseling Services Office Locations & Contact Information

Locations include:

  1. Appleton
  2. New London
  3. Green Bay
  4. Milwaukee
  5. West Bend