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Archives for February 2015

Looking For The Best Charity To Donate Car Milwaukee

There are many different charities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, including those that can receive cars as donation. The vast majority of these do truly important work to improve the lives of people in communities all around the world. The problem, however, is that there are so many Milwaukee donate car charities that it may be difficult to choose just one of them. So which is the best donate car Milwaukee charity? Although you are the only one who can make that decision, there are some charitable organizations that deserve a little bit of special attention.

Charities That Provide Services to the Youth

Examples of charities that deserve out attention include those that work with at risk young people. They often address the needs of those who have mental health challenges in a variety of ways. They may offer residential treatment for these young people, which is a costly operation. When you donate car to charity, you ensure they are able to continue to provide such treatment for young people who are too unstable to live in regular society. Your donation will ensure that they are able to regain control over their own lives and return to the world as functioning, productive and responsible young adults.

Secondly, the charity may also offer outpatient treatment. They may deliver counseling support to the young people with whom they work with and even include services for the parents or carers of these young people. If you donate car Milwaukee charities will be receiving you will be able to support this hugely important work. Dealing with someone who has mental health difficulties has to be done in a supportive and understanding manner, and your donation gives parents the skills they need to have in order to give their troubled kids the best chances in life.

There is also the importance of these young people receiving quality education. Therefore, charities that focus on at risk youth may also provide chances for these young people to continue to be educated in English, mathematics, science and social science outside of the regular classroom setting in view of the mental health challenges that they are facing. These are the main subjects they will need in order to further their academic career later on in life. This is one of the biggest things that could define the best Milwaukee car donation charities. After all, by providing young people with the education they need, they ensure that they are able to truly make something out of their future.

Finally, these charities may offer ways to help young people build self-confidence and learn about the importance of team work. Furthermore, these activities allow them to be physically active, which means that young people also become healthier overall. We are dealing with a nationwide obesity epidemic, so ensuring young people get regular physical movement is hugely important.

If you are evaluating the various car donation charities in Milwaukee, the above-mentioned characteristics are worth considering. The effects they have on the community as a whole are huge, not in the least because many of the young people they help come back later in life as mentors to new service users. As such, your single donation can affect entire generations.

What It Means to Work at Rawhide

Working at Rawhide may carry a different meaning for every employee, but everyone works toward one goal—giving a second chance to young men who need it most. For some Rawhide employees, their positions allow them to fulfill their true calling. For others, their work gives them the chance to give back. No matter their department, position, or reason for being at Rawhide, everyone has the opportunity to impact the Rawhide guys by doing their part to fulfill the mission. “To inspire and equip at-risk youth and families to lead healthy and responsible lives.”

Creating a New World

For Gretchen, an equine therapist in our R.E.A.P. program, to work at Rawhide means creating a judgment-free world for troubled youth, something many of them have never experienced before. “My role as a job trainer at Rawhide is very rewarding. I teach students about having a good work ethic by using their time wisely and doing a quality job. They get to see the end result of their hard work and are often proud of their accomplishments. The best part is watching a student blossom when he is not judged. A whole new, brighter world opens up for him.”

Throughout the day, she works with horses and guys together. She says the way the horses and guys interact is her favorite part about coming to work. “A horse might follow a student. I explain that the horse really likes him and wants to get to know him better. This can help cheer a student who’s having a bad day.”

Opening a new world to the guys is what working at Rawhide means to Gretchen. She gets to do so by doing something she’s passionate about while helping make a difference. It’s no wonder Gretchen loves her job!

Fulfilling a Calling

Other employees find their meaning through their various responsibilities. For Starr Academy’s Director of Education, Dan Birr, working at Rawhide allows him to fulfill his true calling.

In middle school, Dan realized he wanted a job he’d love so much that he would “never have to work a day in his life.” After much thought, he decided he wanted to be a teacher and coach. While working at a school in Denver, one of his assistant coaches predicted Dan’s eventual arrival at Rawhide: “You are going to be in charge of an all-boy’s school someday.” When Dan asked him why, he shared that Dan had a visible and uniquely strong desire to work with young men.

According to Dan, working at Rawhide helps fulfill “a true calling to work with young men to help them better their lives.” He and his Starr Academy staff help improve the lives of the young men two ways:

  1. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus with them
  2. Giving them hope for a successful future

“I was Born to Work with Youth”

Dan is not alone. For Senior Resident Youth Care Worker Jim Eckstein, working at Rawhide means doing what he feels God created him to do. “I think I was born to work with youth. That’s just what I’m good at. It’s what I enjoy. I’m here because I want to teach troubled youth that there is a better life.”

When work becomes difficult and the guys aren’t listening or behaving, he reminds himself that he’s at Rawhide for a reason. “I’m really here for them. When the challenging days come, and there are always challenging days, I just keep reminding myself that I’m here for them. I’m not here for me. I’m here for the guys.”

Making a Difference

For fellow Youth Care Worker, Fred Flagg, working at Rawhide means showing the guys there is more than one way to live. Fred works in the About Face Program and loves the opportunity to show the guys what they can be and how they can turn their lives around. “Working at Rawhide means a lot because of the reward I’m getting out of it. The fact that I’m impacting the lives of these kids, not just by what I say, but how I interact with the staff members, how I live my life as an example of what they can follow. Showing them there is another way to live, not just one way.”

Fred has faith that Rawhide’s mission and approach give the guys more hope than any other facility. “When I was looking for employment at a residential treatment program, I was looking for strictly Christian organizations. If you take God out of the program, what else do you have to teach them? Secular programs teach them that they have power in themselves. They’ve already operated for many years solely on the power within themselves and it’s led them to Rawhide for help. If you put God in that equation, they do have hope. They can change. They can make a better life.”

Fred, Jim, Dan, and Gretchen are a few of the many employees that work at Rawhide with the guys and show them they have hope for a better life. Whether it is leading by example, fulfilling a true calling, or doing something they’re passionate about, every Rawhide employee can give back and help the guys in some way. Rawhide is full of workers who work tirelessly to support the mission and achieve the common goal—to help give troubled youth the second chance they deserve.

What To Remember About Madison Car Donations

Donating an old car that you no longer use to charity in Madison, Wisconsin, is a great way to provide much-needed help to those that are less fortunate. When you decide to take part in car donations Madison charities are looking for, you are actively making a decision to serve humanity and make the world around you a better place. When you are thinking about car donations in Madison, you may have many questions about the process, and how you can ensure that you do everything properly. Luckily, there are numerous resources available that will help you to make your contribution with ease.

Avoid the Middle Man

There are some organizations out there that collect numerous cars to distribute to various charities. This may seem like a good idea when you are planning to contribute to Madison car donations if you are unsure which organization is the right one for you, but it can actually result in your charity getting less from your contribution. Some intermediary organizations keep approximately half of the proceeds from selling the car, only providing a small percentage for the needs of the charity. If you want to avoid this loss, it’s typically a good idea to contact the charity you care about directly and ask for their policy on donations.

Find the Right Charity

There are plenty of car donation charities available out there for you to choose from when it comes to making a contribution. However, it is important that you pick the organization that speaks the most to you. Find a charity that you believe is taking part in a worthy cause, and make yourself a part of something that you can be proud of. If you’re unsure about the charity that you are considering, then it’s probably not the right choice for you. Remember, you can read about the various works that the charity has been doing on its web page, or speak to members about what the goal of the organization may be. For example, it may dedicate itself to helping youths at risk move towards a better quality of life.

Double Check Your Math

It should also be noted that car donations charities are not the only ones that can benefit from your kind gesture. In some cases, you can actually benefit from giving your vehicle to charity because you can claim a tax deduction. However, it is important that you understand the facts about what you are eligible for. Since the rules changed in 2005, it is no longer possible for individuals to claim a tax deduction equivalent to the estimated wealth of their donated vehicle. Instead, you must wait for the charity to sell your car through an auction or any other means, after which you will be provided with a tax receipt indicating the value. It is that amount that you can deduct from your taxable income, thereby reducing your income tax.

Deliver the Car

After you have identified that the charity is worthwhile, why not make the effort to deliver the vehicle yourself? You may not have to do this, but it can be a great way to get an insight into the organization that you will be helping when you donate your car.

Making the Decision to Be Rawhide Foster Parents

Have you ever felt an internal pulling towards a new direction? Bruce and Linda Dailey did. Five years ago, they felt a calling to be Rawhide foster parents. They took a step of faith and called Rawhide’s Foster Care Treatment Program.

“We called Rawhide simply to know what it’s about. We didn’t even know if we wanted to do it,” Bruce recalls. They asked a lot of questions and started to feel that perhaps they could foster Rawhide boys. But Bruce and Linda still had fears to address.

Identifying Their Fears

Linda’s biggest fear involved her ability to parent boys. “I had never really dealt with boys in a close relationship because we only had daughters. So I didn’t know how I would relate to them.” Bruce feared the unknown.

  1. Would they have to change their normal parenting style?
  2. How would they adjust to parenting boys with troubled pasts?
  3. What kind of support system would they get?

Despite their fears, the Daileys still felt a strong calling to become foster care parents and specifically with Rawhide’s program.

Why They Chose Rawhide

The Dailey’s chose Rawhide’s Foster Care Program because of the:

  1. Faith-based foundation
  2. Ongoing training and support

“We didn’t get into fostering to simply be a place for boys to stay. We do believe that Christ makes a huge difference, and we wanted to have the opportunity to model what a Godly home is like.” Since Rawhide is a faith-based non-profit, Bruce and Linda share the same belief system.

Linda agreed, “We wanted to work with people who were believers and could understand our moral base and spiritual beliefs.”

Bruce and Linda also chose Rawhide because of the constant help and training they receive. “We feel safer with Rawhide. Not only do they provide ongoing care for the boys, but there’s ongoing training for us as foster parents.”

Making an Impact

Bruce and Linda value the opportunity they have as foster parents to show God’s love to their boys. Linda says, “It gives me another opportunity that I didn’t have available to me before, and I treasure that in my heart.”

Bruce agrees. He openly acknowledges that the boys have changed him and that because of them he is a better man and pastor. Bruce can tell when the guys are making connections. He appreciates getting a glimpse into their hearts and knowing they feel safe enough to feel vulnerable. “God is reaching and touching their hearts in a special way, and you get to be a part of that.”

The Challenge

Fostering children can be tough at times. Linda explained the hardest part of this calling—when a boy refuses help. “When you know you’ve done everything you possibly can to help a young man, yet they refuse your help. They don’t want to change. That, to me, is the hardest part.” She and her husband sincerely care for their boys and want to see them succeed.

The Daileys have been stretched as parents, re-evaluating their parental tendencies and getting out of their normal routines. “I guarantee that you will be challenged,” Bruce admits. “But ultimately, it’s very rewarding.”

Advice for Prospective Foster Parents

The Daileys encourage you to research programs and ask questions if you feel a calling to become foster parents: “If you have even a little inkling, what’s the worst that can happen? You might find out it’s not for you. But you also might find out it IS for you.”

Linda gives three reasons why you should consider being Rawhide foster parents.

  1. It can be lots of fun.
  2. Being a foster parent generates personal growth. The guys challenge you.
  3. You feel a sense of accomplishment as you help the guys better themselves and know God.

Bruce strongly recommends praying about your decision: “There will be tough times. Ultimately, knowing that you were called to do this plus having the right heart and attitude will get you through.” He continues, “If God has called you, He will then equip and enable you.”

If Bruce and Lynda’s experience has inspired you to learn more, please give us a call at 1-888-745-7445 to see if being Rawhide Foster Parents is right for you and your spouse.


Why Would You Bother To Donate A Vehicle To Charity In Milwaukee?

The great Mahatma Gandhi once commented that the best way for people to find themselves is to first lose themselves within the service of others that need help. If we consider the results that were found by the “Do Good, Live Well” survey in 2010, it’s easy to see the psychological effects of charitable work. Out of 4,500 American adults, 41% volunteered approximately 100 hours on average a year, and those who volunteered generally found that they felt physically, and emotionally healthier. Eighty-nine percent commented that their charitable giving improved their well-being, and 73% noted that they had lower stress levels than before they started to give.

Some people will question why they should give their money or hard-earned possessions to a charity at all, arguing that they have the right to keep the money they generate. However, providing a vehicle donation Milwaukee charities can make use of is about more than just individual rights. When you donate a vehicle to charity, you are making a decision to help the future of our planet, assist our youth, and ultimately, better the world that you live in.

The Reasons Behind Making a Donation

If the psychological benefits that come with doing something good for another human being isn’t enough to convince a person that charitable action is worth doing, there are various other advantages to consider, too. When you help a vehicle donation charity you are not only ridding yourself of a car that you no longer use but you are also opening yourself up to the potential of a better world.

Think about the numerous people throughout the world today that have the money to spend, yet refuse to give any assistance to the people who need it most. When you donate vehicle to charity, you are not just giving materials and equipment to an organization who will make sure it is used well, you are also providing new opportunities for the youth of tomorrow.

Many people allow their old cars to simply sit around gathering dust, instead of simply going to Google and typing in “Milwaukee donate vehicle” into the search bar. Remember, even a car that you may think is run down and useless could provide significant help to a vehicle donation Milwaukee charity.

What’s more, if you do decide to give your car to charity, you could be able to benefit from a tax deduction as a reward for your charitable behavior. Though the main reason for your donation should be a desire to help the young people who are in need of guidance and resources, it’s worth noting that you can claim for a reduction in your taxable income as a result of your donation. If the charitable organization decides to sell your car to generate more cash for resources that are needed, then you will receive a tax break according to the amount your car is bought for. On the other hand, if your car is used as part of the service, then your deduction will be based on the value of the vehicle.

Planned Giving Leaves Lasting Legacy

Do you want to leave a lasting legacy and continue to help Rawhide for years to come? Through planned giving, you can impact lives and give the Rawhide guys a second chance in a variety of ways. Here’s how.

First Things First: What Does Planned Giving Mean?

Planned gifts are donations you make to Rawhide that we receive at a later time. These gifts take various forms designed to fit within your financial needs, while still benefiting the organization.

What Types of Planned Gifts Can You Give to Rawhide?

Here are the planned giving methods Rawhide accepts:

  1. Bequest: Will or Estate Planning
    • A bequest for Rawhide directs a specific amount or percentage of your will or estate to Rawhide.
  2. Retirement or IRA Account
    • Similar to a bequest, you can choose Rawhide as a beneficiary for your retirement account.
      Tax benefit: Neither you nor Rawhide will incur income tax on the gift.
  3. Charitable Remainder Trust
    • This type of planned gift gives back to you! If you give Rawhide a gift of cash or other assets (appreciated stock)to be put in a remainder trust, you will receive  payments, at least quarter, amounting to five percent or greater, depending on your age, for the rest of your life. The remaining amount will be given to Rawhide.
  4. Charitable Gift Annuity
    • Another gift that gives back—you can transfer a cash gift or other property to Rawhide and receive an annual amount (annuity) each year for the rest of your life. Then, Rawhide will receive the remaining balance.
  5. Charitable Lead Trust
    • For this planned gift, you’re in control! You can create a trust and name Rawhide as a beneficiary. You specify the trust terms and are responsible for the investment of the assets and administration of the trust. During the term, the Trustee pays the required amount to Rawhide at specified times. At the end of the term, the remaining balance is distributed to the beneficiaries.
  6. Life Insurance
    There are 3 different ways to give a planned life insurance gift:

    • Designate Rawhide as a beneficiary or partial beneficiary of your life insurance policy.
      Tax benefit: There is a possible estate tax benefit.
    • Donate an existing life insurance policy.
      Tax benefit: You may receive a tax deduction equal to the policy’s replacement value.
    • Purchase a policy and name Rawhide as owner and beneficiary.
      Tax benefit: The policy’s premiums are fully tax-deductible.

So, What’s in It for You?

Apart from the joy of giving to those in need, planned gifts provide numerous advantages for the donor. These may include:

  • Tax deductions (as noted above)
  • Recurring payments to you
  • Membership in the #15 League

What is the #15 League?

This giving option was created in honor of legendary Packers quarterback Bart Starr whose jersey number was 15. This group includes many of Rawhide’s exceptional supporters who have chosen to participate in planned giving. As a part of the #15 Rawhide League, you’ll receive the following:

  • A #15 lapel pin
  • The chance to meet with Rawhide youth who benefit from your commitment
  • Invitation to special Rawhide events
  • Planned giving consultation and reports

How You Can Start Planned Giving at Rawhide

If you are interested in learning more or participating in Rawhide’s Planned Giving Program, please contact us through one of the following methods:

What do you want your legacy to be? Please consider partnering with Rawhide and build your legacy by investing in the lives of our at-risk youth.


What Happens to Madison Car Donations?

The process of accepting Madison car donations charities make use of has been around for some time now. Unfortunately, however, a lot of people still do not understand how beneficial this form of contribution can be, and how the process works. Making a donation in the form of an old, used car that you no longer need is a rewarding and wonderful task for any individual. Cars that are of little to no value to you could potentially make a huge difference in the lives of those less fortunate when the vehicle is entrusted into the right hands.

What Happens to Madison Car Donations?

One of the primary questions that many individuals ask themselves when it comes to making a decision on giving a car donation, is what will happen to their vehicle when it is handed over to a charity. In some instances, car donations charities may decide to auction off some of the vehicles that they receive as a way to generate financial resources to be used by the organization for its charitable works. The finances that are raised could be used to help the individuals involved in the charitable organization directly, or could be used as a way of funding important programs. The auction option is typically quite useful for charities who provide aid to a wide range of different people, as it means that everyone helped by the organization can benefit in some way.

Many auction houses will actually waive their fee when it comes to dealing with donated cars as a way of helping charities towards their cause. Furthermore, many buyers are willing to pay a little extra for a car in good condition if they know that the proceeds are going towards a worthwhile cause. This is why it is usually beneficial to give a car directly to charity, rather than attempting to raise funds by auctioning it yourself.

Other Ways of Using Car Donations

An alternative option for charities to consider when it comes to benefiting from the vehicle contributions they receive, is to keep them and use them for transportation. Vehicles that work well can be used to help the individuals within the charity to carry out their good work, transporting individuals from one point to another and ensuring they are able to take part in various essential programs. So long as a car can still function as a form of transport, then it can provide substantial benefits to at risk children who have no other way of getting to different locations.

A final option that is somewhat less common, is that a charity may use a car that does not work by selling the vehicle for the value of the scrap metal that could be obtained from it. Usually, this produces the least amount of funds for the charity, but it is a helpful way to give back to your community if you are trying to get rid of an old vehicle and would like someone else to benefit. Although the monetary benefits may not be particularly high for the charity, or you in terms of tax deductible benefits, you will at least know that your vehicle is making a difference, and not just sitting in a junkyard.

Workplace Fellowship and Singing Benefit All at Rawhide

If you hear singing at Rawhide, it could be a Wednesday! First thing Wednesday mornings, Rawhide guys and employees gather in the auditorium for workplace fellowship. Everyone meets for an hour to sing uplifting songs, hear an inspirational message, pray, and catch up on current events around the ranch. Fellowship begins with singing hymns, led by teams of Rawhide employees. Any interested employee has the opportunity to help start Wednesday mornings on the right note.

Workplace Fellowship Perks

Rawhide’s fellowship time fosters a sense of community by bringing individuals from every department together. Tony Bosquez, a worship team leader, attests to that. “[My favorite part of it] is to see the whole ranch, staff and guys, sing and worship together as a family and be an example of how to have fun and respect Jesus Christ. Community worship helps me to feel part of the group and helps me feel confident and comfortable to lead throughout the day.”

The camaraderie that occurs during worship time is just one of the special perks at Rawhide. Some studies have shown that workplace singing can lead to healthier employees mentally and physically[1]. This occurs because worship allows employees time away from their desks to flex their creative muscles and their vocal chords, creating a happier working environment. Singing can have a positive effect on the heart as well as improve lung capacity. These are unique benefits that make being a Rawhide employee even better.

Rehabilitation Opportunity

Fellowship time provides a unique opportunity for the guys as well. Youth care worker and worship team leader, Ted Selker, explains, “Nearly every guy who comes through the gates enjoys music in some context. When I’m working in one of the homes after a morning or an afternoon when I’ve served on a worship team, it is fairly common for a guy to ask me about a song or tell me that he liked it. That becomes an opportunity to connect what is lyrically in the song with a very practical application to what is going on in the guy’s life. Worship teams are an opportunity to connect truth with a guy who desperately needs it.”

Worship time also provides a unique rehabilitation opportunity for the guys. A study conducted in 2005 found that singing:

  1. Releases endorphins and oxytocin which help lessen feelings of depression and loneliness
  2. Can lower levels of cortisol which helps alleviate stress
  3. Can help create soothing, therapeutic sensations[2]


Sometimes the guys struggle to find the spiritual connection, but Ted explains how worship helps bridge the gap. “It’s crazy how the songs stick! Just today I heard a guy singing a song we haven’t done on worship team in a month, and when I asked him about it he said that it meant a lot to him. He had written the lyrics down in his notebook and had been singing it to himself every night before he went to bed because it helped him (in his words) ‘feel closer to God.’”

Whether it’s mentally or spiritually, Wednesday morning worship has a powerful effect on the entire Rawhide Ranch. It’s the perfect mid-week boost to keep everyone upbeat and motivated through the rest of the week. The entire ranch unifies—leaving titles and departments at the door—and comes together as a community.



[1] http://www.newsweek.com/2014/08/29/office-workers-who-sing-together-are-healthier-265614.html
[2] http://pom.sagepub.com/content/33/3/269.short

4 Benefits When You Donate Vehicle Green Bay Charities Need

A lot of people in Green Bay have vehicles on their driveway that they no longer use. Selling it takes too much of the owner’s time when they don’t have much time left to give out of their busy week. You would have to go through the long and arduous process of advertising your vehicle, answering questions and having people show up at your door who usually end up not purchasing your car.

Instead, you may want to provide a vehicle donation. When you donate vehicle Green Bay charities will receive, you will four main benefits. Let’s take a look at these.

1. Donate Vehicle Green Bay

The first and biggest benefit is that you are able to provide assistance to a worthwhile cause and allow them to continue with their important work. When you donate a vehicle Green Bay offers a range of charities that you could donate a vehicle to. This means that you have a lot of opportunities to make a difference as well. Choosing a charity is always going to be a personal decision, so do take the time to think about your decision.

2. You Help Your Own Finances

The second benefit is that a vehicle donation allows you to claim a tax deduction, so long as the charity is 501c3 registered. In Green Bay donate a vehicle to such a charity and they will send you a tax receipt that you can use for your annual income tax return. This receipt is particularly important if the value of your donation is higher than $500.

3. You Help Your Own Psyche

People too often think that if they take pleasure out of doing something good, it makes them selfish. This isn’t true, however. Being altruistic is not the same as being selfless. Psychologists have discovered that people who do good things for charity, whether it is a donation of goods, money or time, are happier overall and have a stronger self-confidence. These people, in turn, are better able to cope with stress and other difficulties in life. As such, by getting rid of that old vehicle in your garage, you are potentially extending your life as well.

4. You Help the Environment

Finally, making a donation of this kind benefits the environment. The materials used in a car can almost always be recycled. Indeed, some 90% of a vehicle’s metal can be reused to create new vehicles, tin cans and various other metal products. Additionally, when your car is taken off the road so it stops being a contributor to pollution. No longer will it rust on your driveway, affecting groundwater and the earth. If it is fully recycled, it will no longer contribute emissions into the air either.

Vehicle donations seem like simple things to do, but they have a very big effect on the planet as a whole. When you donate vehicle to charity, you are able to play an important role in society and for the world in general. The fact that it is good for your own finances and your peace of mind is a nice bonus.

The Many Types of Love

Who doesn’t enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special someone? Dinner. Love notes. Flowers. It’s all good. And, we can celebrate other types of love, too. Like the nurturing love a parent has for a child. Or the non-judgmental love of a good friend. Or the family member who always has your back.

Love comes in many forms and from varied sources.

The Semantics of Love

While the English language uses the single term love to express various types of affection, other languages differentiate the various types by using a different term for each one. The Greek language, for example, recognizes four types of love with four different terms.

  1. Eros — Romantic love
    a. The kind of love between dating and married couples
  2. Storge — Familial love
    a. The kind of love between a parent and a child
  3. Phileo — Platonic love
    a. The kind of love between comrades, deep friendship, brotherly love
  4. Agape — Unconditional, selfless love
    a. The kind of love God has for His children

Eros — Romantic Love

Eros love, which is celebrated on Valentine’s Day, is the stuff of which movies and love ballads are made. Sadly, these movies and songs typically depict an unhealthy kind of romantic love filled with pain, sorrow, and drama—what every good movie and song needs to top the charts. Right? However, such things are not desirable in a healthy relationship.

Two of Rawhide’s house parents, Ed and Patti, on the other hand, provide a healthy example of this romantic love: they respect and treat each other well. In doing so, they are healthy role models for our guys.

Storge — Familial Love

Also as house parents, Ed and Patti’s objective is to create a loving family environment. They commit to loving the guys as their own children: respecting, accepting, guiding, and disciplining them with love. Some of the Rawhide guys aren’t familiar with healthy familial love. Some have never felt loved at all.

When asked “What makes the guys feel loved?” Ed replies “It varies from guy to guy.” Each guy has his own “love language” just as we do. One guy might feel loved when the household has a daily routine he can count on such as knowing that “pop” will be reading the paper with a cup of coffee each morning in the same chair when he bounds down the stairs.

Another guy might feel loved by being rewarded with a special privilege, such as staying up an extra half hour to read or getting the basketball court alone to shoot buckets. Initially, guys don’t understand why people do kind things for them. Some guys assume Ed and Patti expect something in return because they aren’t used to receiving a privilege or gift without a catch. Ed and Patti love these young men as their own children, and when the guys follow the rules, Ed and Patty desire to bless them.

Over time, Ed and Patti see changes in a guy’s ability to express love outwardly. They attribute it to the family structure and the familial love (Storge) environment. They may express their love by having Patti’s back if someone disrespects or talks back to her. Ed sees the guys return love by listening to him when he guides them or sets boundaries.

Phileo — Platonic Love

This brotherly or friendship type of love is what our guys may develop with other guys who are going through the Rawhide program. We often hear back from alumni, years after they leave the ranch, that they have remained close to one or two guys who lived in the same house with them. They offer support and encouragement to each other as they create healthier lives.

Agape — Unconditional Love

At Rawhide, we accept the guys where they’re at and strive to show them unconditional love, while simultaneously equipping them to lead better lives. As house parents, Ed and Patti commit to selflessly loving their guys. Most importantly though, we want the guys to understand the unfailing, Agape love their heavenly Father has for them.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16

What does love mean to you?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below! Thanks!!


How To Donate A Car Milwaukee Charities Are Looking For

More and more people in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are becoming interested in donating their vehicles to charity. It is a great way to help a cause that you believe in and provide positive benefits to your community. Additionally, there is a tax benefit for yourself, which makes it even more interesting. You do, however, need to know how to donate a car Milwaukee. Luckily, however, this is actually very easy to do. When in Milwaukee how to donate a car is really down to three easy steps. Let’s take a look.

Step 1 – Make Your Choice Among the Various Charities

The first step is searching for the charity to donate to based on your preferences. When you look into how to donate a car, you will find that you can either donate directly to a charity or donate it through an intermediary. The first option is the better one, as it means that all of the proceeds will actually go to your chosen cause, rather than a percentage of the money (sometimes as much as 70%) going to the company that serves as the intermediary. Making a decision in terms of which charity to give to is a personal one that only you can make.

Step 2 – Contact Your Chosen Charity

The next element is contacting the charity you have chosen. How to donate a car Milwaukee charities will be receiving is generally made very easy, as charities will allow you to simply contact them online and have everything arranged form there. You simply complete an online for indicating that you have a car to donate, and they will then contact you to inform you of what paperwork and other things they need and arrange a convenient time for you to have the vehicle picked up.

Step 3 – The Charitable Organization Makes Use of the Car

After you have contacted your charity, they will come and pick it up (although some allow you to drop it off as well). They will then sell the vehicle through an auction, or donate it directly to one of their service users. Either way, they will provide you with a tax receipt that indicates the value of the vehicle and you can then use this to deduct the amount from your own taxable income.

As you can see, the process is incredibly easy. How to donate a car to charity only takes three steps and very little effort from your side. Because the system is so beneficial to charities, they have made sure they do everything in their power to encourage people to donate their vehicles. As such, they have made everything very simple and easy. The only real difficulty for you is selecting the charity you want to donate to. Because there are so many worthy causes out there, it could be difficult to pick just one that you believe in. It is a truly personal decision, so do take some time to think about which charities that you think do the most positive work in your own community. Most people would agree that charities who work with young people are the most worthy of all, as they ensure the young people of today are given the necessary tools to become the contributing adults of tomorrow.

Why Steve Young Started Green Bay Chalk Talk

Rawhide’s foundation is built on stepping out on faith when vision and opportunities arise. In the mid-60s, John and Jan Gillespie took a chance and reached out to Bart Starr, who then raised public awareness for Rawhide. As awareness continued to grow, Rawhide was able to help thousands of troubled boys change their lives. A few years ago, Bart Starr reached out to Steve Young, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback and ESPN Analyst, with a fundraising idea for Rawhide: The Chalk Talk Luncheon.

History of Chalk Talks

For many years, Bart and Cherry Starr joined Steve and Barb Young in Phoenix, Arizona for the Steve Young Desert Classic golf tournament. Bart took this opportunity to invite Steve to Green Bay, but the timing never seemed to work out for either of them. However, the Youngs were eager to support Bart and Cherry’s philanthropic work with Rawhide. Thus, the Chalk Talk luncheons were conceived. Similar Chalk Talks had been held in different cities by different ESPN Monday Night Football commentators. Green Bay’s rich football tradition, as well as the strong philanthropic emphasis benefitting Rawhide, made this Chalk Talk different.

Creating a Tradition

The first Green Bay Chalk Talk occurred in 2013, hours before a Packers-Bears game. Steve and Bart sat back and talked about their Hall of Fame careers, sharing inside jokes and behind-the-scenes commentary. They then moved the conversation to Rawhide’s mission and the impact that Rawhide has had on the lives of so many troubled boys over the years. Fellow Hall of Famer and former Packers running back, Paul Hornung, even made a surprise appearance. Talk about a Kodak moment!

The event brought Rawhide national attention and reached many people who may not have been aware of the great things Rawhide is doing.

Second Quarter

In 2014, Steve stepped up again, but health issues prevented Bart from participating. Bart reached out to another renowned Packer quarterback, Brett Favre, and asked if he would step in for him. Brett agreed. And on December 8th, 2014, before the Monday night game, attendees and media alike flocked to Brett Favre’s Steakhouse as Brett and Steve continued the tradition. The nation took notice once again, inspiring a new Twitter hashtag, #FavreWatch, for tracking his journey back to Green Bay.
Thanks in large part to Steve Young, people nationwide were able to hear about the effective work Rawhide is doing and understand Rawhide’s specialness. ESPN showed clips from the event during the game that night. You can view the entire 2014 Chalk Talk event here.

Going the Extra Yard

Steve’s work with Rawhide is merely one of his many philanthropic ventures.

  1. He founded the Forever Young Foundation in 1993, a nonprofit focused on passing on hope and resources for the development, strength, and education of children.
  2. The Forever Young Foundation has also partnered with Primary Children’s Medical Center in Utah to build “Sophie’s Place,” a music room in the medical center devoted to music therapy.
  3. In 2002, Engage Now Africa began collaborating with the Forever Young Foundation to fight poverty, illiteracy, and disease in Ethiopia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Namibia.
  4. Mr. Young is also actively involved with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, a non-profit devoted to raising funds for children’s hospitals, medical research, and community awareness of children’s health issues.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Steve Young involved with Rawhide. He has provided us with incredible support and has helped bring attention to the difference Rawhide makes in the lives of troubled youth. For your involvement with Rawhide, we thank you Mr. Young.