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Beat the Heat – A High School Elective

‘Beat The Heat’ is a very popular Starr Academy high school elective with the Rawhide guys. It promotes motor sports as a positive alternative to drugs and alcohol, gangs, and street-racing. Students have the opportunity to work on a drag race car and to interact with the local sheriff (who drives the car) and other northeast Wisconsin police officers. Students have the chance to see the officers out of uniform and realize that they are more than just authorities.

The Waupaca County/Rawhide chapter of NE Wisconsin Beat the Heat began in 1998. The team initially used a stock 1974 Nova donated to Rawhide by Marion High School. In stock configuration, the car’s fastest time was 17 seconds at approximately 75 miles per hour.

In 1999, two major sponsors, Faith Technologies and The Machine Shed, helped the team improve performance to 11.20 seconds at 124 miles per hour. With their help, Starr Academy’s racing team was able to purchase a used, 355 cubic-inch, stock car racing engine, a race prep Powerglide transmission, 4.56 gears for the rear axle, all the safety equipment for the car, and an enclosed race trailer to haul and store the car.

In 2000, the team continued to improve the car’s performance through drag racing shocks, a delay box, a fiberglass hood, and by moving the battery from the front to the rear of the car.

The team raced the car that way until 2006, when they were able to purchase a 406 cubic-inch small block with aluminum heads. This improved the car’s performance to a team best of 10.65 seconds at 127 mph in 2007! Throughout the team’s history, Schultz Motorsports has been a huge help in preparing the engine and transmissions for the team.

The Starr Academy Racing Team’s goal is to continue improving the performance and handling of the Nova. With an estimated 700 HP, it is very difficult for the car to gain traction.

The team is looking for additional sponsorships in order to improve the rear suspension and widen the current 9” rear slicks.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Beat the Heat team, please contact us.