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Alumni Resources

When you have completed the Rawhide program and become an alumnus, you are part of the Rawhide alumni for life! We have Rawhide Alumni Resources to help you. We are still here when you or your family need us. And we like to say in touch. Since hundreds of alumni are located in various locations in the USA and some overseas, we appreciate it when you update your contact info so we know how to stay in touch. We love to hear from you and would like to share your story on how Rawhide had an impact on your life.


Transitional Services:

We provide transitional services to all alumnus who have gone through any program at Rawhide. We developed Transitional Services as a Rawhide Alumni Resource in 1996 to address the need of helping our alumni succeed in communities they are returning to or in which they currently reside.



We are pleased to offer a number of scholarships that can help off-set the costs of education, housing, medical bills or other emergency needs. Rawhide is able to offer a limited number of scholarships as a Rawhide Alumni Resource to qualified applicants for educational assistance, or assistance with housing, medical bills, or other emergency needs.


Human Service Orgs