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Treatment Foster Care

Parent Weekends at Rawhide

When a less restrictive environment is appropriate, a youth may be placed in a treatment foster care home while under Rawhide supervision to begin the transition back home or to independent living. These young men and women have access to professional staff and supervision. This program is only available for court referred at-risk youth.

This program offers youth guidance, instruction, and support in taking steps toward becoming contributing members of the community. The treatment foster care home provides a strong family atmosphere which encourages the development of building healthy, life-changing relationships and models Christian values in everyday life.


The program was created by Rawhide to have a continuum of care. It provides an opportunity to experience a traditional family atmosphere and a lifestyle that expresses love, guidance and discipline. Treatment Foster Care also reflects Rawhide’s “open door policy” that encourages alumni and their families to return for support throughout their lives.

Today, it has evolved into a program that provides Rawhide youth an opportunity to experience a normal life with a loving family while providing a less restrictive environment at half the cost of residential care. Prior to placement, the option of attending a school in the community or Starr Academy, Rawhide’s private on-campus school, is explored. This decision, based on his individual needs, is guided by the youth’s treatment team consisting of his parents/guardians, placing agent, school liaison, social worker, transition coordinator, and foster care parents.

Different rates have been established based on whether he attends school in the community or attends Starr Academy which is located on the Rawhide campus.

Treatment Foster Care Support

  1. Weekly or bi-weekly individual counseling
  2. Group counseling twice a week for boys attending school at Rawhide
  3. Monthly family counseling is encouraged
  4. A thorough progress report is completed every six weeks with ongoing case management services
  5. Monthly evaluations of supervised community employment
  6. Access to Rawhide’s professional staff and supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  7. Monthly home visits, if appropriate

For more information please contact us at 1-888-745-7445.