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Meet Our Donors

Don Kubichek

Don Kubichek-#15 League Member

After working as a machinist for more than 30 years, Don started a small delivery service – D&K Trucking.  “I bought this Dodge Sprinter in 2005 and, the day I picked it up – I knew it was destined for Rawhide some day!”

Don Kubichek


Don Kubichek’s commitment to Rawhide began in 1967 when he responded to an ad on TV announcing Rawhide’s annual Christmas tree sale. While walking around the campus, he visited with Rawhide co-founders, John and Jan Gillespie, met house parents and some of the Rawhide youth. “I only came to purchase a Christmas tree,” Don explains. “But I was touched by what I saw and I knew immediately that Rawhide was a special place.”

Over the next half century, Don has witnessed Rawhide’s expansion from the Lodge and a boys’ bunkhouse over the Frontier Café to its present campus that includes seven youth homes, Starr Academy, equine therapy, as well as out-patient counseling services.” In reminiscing about Rawhide, Don says “Once a friend, always a friend. I continue to be so proud of Rawhide.”

In 2008, Don decided he wanted to do something more and joined the #15 League by naming Rawhide as a beneficiary in his Will. “My philosophy is that everyone should give something back. Rawhide is my legacy.”

Richard Meyers

Richard Meyers #15 League

I have been an avid sports fan for nearly 75 years. As such, I have been in awe of the Green Bay Packers. How can a city of 105,000 people support an NFL franchise throughout all these years? No fancy 1.5 billion dollar stadium–just real diehard fans.

Part of the lore includes the incredible 1967 “Ice Bowl”–with a temperature of minus 15 degrees and an average wind chill as low as minus 48 degrees. The star of that game was Bart Starr!  Years later, as an avid reader, I consumed America’s Quarterback , a story about Mr. Starr. Bart is generally thought of as being one of the best quarterbacks ever but after reading this book, I realized he is also one of the world’s greatest people! “Giving”, “thoughtful”, “humble”, and “courteous” are just a few of the words that describe him.

America’s Quarterback describes how Bart and Cherry Starr played a major role in the founding of Rawhide Boys Ranch. I learned how Rawhide accepts at-risk and troubled boys and helps them lead healthy and responsible lives. What an amazing story! My donor heart strings were tugged and I have been contributing to Rawhide ever since.

More recently, I established a Donor Advised Fund at a local foundation and am proud to say that I named Rawhide as one of its primary beneficiaries. So, when I am no longer here, Rawhide will be a recipient of funds in perpetuity! What a nice way to create a lasting memorial.

Cathy Jacobs

Cathy Jacobs #15 League member

“Bud and I wanted to make sure that Rawhide’s Student of the Month program will continue for future generations.”       

                             Cathy Jacobs


As life-time educators, Bud and Cathy Jacobs spent their careers helping to direct the lives of literally thousands of students – Cathy as an elementary school teacher and Bud as an instructor at a local technical college. Their love of education made planning for Rawhide’s Student of the Month program a natural step for them.

Cathy explains that while touring Rawhide’s campus in 2004, they met the Student of the Month and learned of Rawhide’s commitment to education and its caring, family atmosphere. While driving home, the Jacobs decided to create a provision in their family trust to endow Rawhide’s Student of the Month program. “This was the most satisfying thing we ever did; and we enjoyed the thought every day,” Cathy said.

Since 2005, the Jacobs have returned monthly to Rawhide to meet the current Student of the Month, visiting with him over lunch. “We wanted to serve as role models for the boys, teach them responsibility, be supportive, and help them turn their lives around,” Cathy said. “We thought…if we can do this, we’ve accomplished our goal. And for us, the rewards have been extremely wonderful.”

Bud passed away in 2015.  Cathy continues to uphold their dedication to Rawhide’s Student of the Month program. “It was my husband’s and my decision and it’s been continuing as we envisioned.”


Each month a young man is selected as the Student of the Month by the staff of Starr Academy, Rawhide’s private school. Winners are selected for their scholastic efforts, maintaining a high rank, helpfulness to others, and exhibiting a positive attitude.

Ray and Mary Hosmer

Mary and Ray Hosmer

Growing up in a family with hard-working parents and 15 siblings, Mary Hosmer learned early on that everyone has a personal responsibility to give back. “Although my parents didn’t have a lot of financial wealth, they taught us that the ‘fun is in the giving’ – whether you’re giving of your time, your talent or your treasures,” she said.

Raised in rural Manawa, Mary recalls visiting what is now the Rawhide campus with her father. He was considering purchasing the land in order to develop a golf course along the river. As history tells, the land was instead purchased by Rawhide co-founders, John and Jan Gillespie.

As an adult, Mary’s involvement with Rawhide spanned a quarter century during which she served as broker for the organization’s property and casualty insurance program. In this role, Mary learned much about Rawhide’s business model and the many programs and services offered for at-risk youth and their families. “I was most impressed with Rawhide’s mission – the mission was at the ‘front and center’ of everything Rawhide did,” she remarked. Following her career in insurance, Mary maintained her affiliation with Rawhide as a volunteer member of its Founders Council.

Participation on the Founders Council and managing its risk insurance program were not Mary’s only connections to Rawhide: Her brother, Ed, was instrumental in starting the About Face Program; her Brother, Tom, and his wife, Judi, taught at Starr Academy; and seeing the boys, during her numerous campus visits, rekindled fond memories of growing up with her 11 brothers and four sisters.

Now, Mary says that she and her husband, Ray, are in the ‘giving back’ phase of their lives. She explains that about 10 years ago they established a family trust and named as beneficiaries the charities that reflect their values and passions. “Leaving a legacy gift to Rawhide supports our life-long belief in giving back to an organization that’s important to us,” Mary said. “We’re proud to be members of the #15 League, and encourage others to join.”