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Current Needs

For more information about our current needs, please call us at 1-800-729-4433 or submit an online request.

Tuition Assistance

Families of at-risk young men often lack sufficient finances to provide for their son’s treatment and education at Rawhide. Funds are needed to ease the financial burden that many of the low-income families face. Your support will help more young men experience positive change in their lives.

Medical or Dental Services

Many of the young men who arrive at Rawhide have not had proper dental or medical attention. As a result, many of them are experiencing extensive tooth loss or decay, gingivitis, or other conditions, and are in need of regular dental check-ups and major orthodontic work. Some have not seen a doctor in many years and most are in need of a physical. If you are an orthodontist, dentist, or a medical professional who would like to make a difference, please contact us today.

Residential Operations

Cash donations contribute toward direct services associated with the residential care and treatment of Rawhide youth. Your gift will help pay for the general expenses related to the operations of the facilities and staff.

Special Event Tickets or Passes

Most of the boys who arrive at Rawhide come from underprivileged families and have never had the opportunity to do a lot of the activities many kids take for granted. If you have season tickets or have access to special events or outings and would like to create some awesome memories for troubled young men, please consider donating your tickets to Rawhide … you will not regret it.