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Rawhide Buyer Policies

The policies stated below are applicable to sales of Rawhide property, regardless of sales venue. Rawhide reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, limit the quantity of sale items, or change service fees at any time without prior notice for any Rawhide auction or venue. Rawhide reserves the right to restrict individuals or businesses from purchasing Rawhide items held on Rawhide property.


All Rawhide property is under surveillance; any vandalism, theft, or other criminal activity will be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law.

Buyer Registration

All dealers and/or business buyers must possess and show the appropriate business license for desired items as required by the state of Wisconsin upon attending a Rawhide location auction. New attendees to a Rawhide auction or first-time web purchasers should complete the Rawhide Online Registration Form, complete and submit a Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate, and be able to show documentation that they are a licensed dealer.

Visitors & Children

All buyers and visitors must register with the Sales Department in the Visitor Center. Children less than 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times and, for safety concerns, are not allowed in sale fields or vehicle storage lots due to the operation of heavy equipment and other production vehicles. Any visitor who has not reported to the Sales Department will be asked to leave the restricted area.All visitors assume full responsibility for any property damage or personal injury resulting from, but not limited to: poor weather conditions (snow, ice, sleet, rain, etc.), or the removal, repairing, or viewing of any items located in the restricted area (purchased or not purchased).

Heavy Equipment Danger

Rawhide operates heavy equipment in its production operations. Hazardous conditions may develop due to changing weather conditions that can create poor visibility factors, and slippery road conditions. Poor visibility can also be created by current inventory. All visitors enter into the restricted area at their own risk.


Rawhide currently sells to wholesale dealers only via dealer-only auctions and our web sale. Purchases are intended for resale and not for personal use. Retail purchases are not allowed. Boats, RVs, campers, motorcycles, and other items are available on eBay Auctions.

Ownership Liability

Ownership liability transfers to the Buyer at the moment the final bid is accepted at auction or the sales transaction is completed, including any loss, damage, or theft.


All Rawhide location purchases must be completed within one week of the offer to purchase. All forms of payment must be paid in U.S. currency. Acceptable forms of payment include the following per type of business:

  • U.S. Businesses: U.S. currency, credit card, PayPal, purchasing business’s check; purchasing business owner’s personal check; U.S. bank cashier’s check; first-party travelers’ checks with proper identification; or wire transfer.
  • International Businesses: U.S. Currency, credit card, PayPal, U.S. bank cashier’s check; first-party travelers checks with proper identification; or wire transfer.

Late payments will incur a $50 service fee and may jeopardize your buying privileges. Non-sufficient fund payments (NSF) suspends your buying privileges until paid; may incur criminal charges; must be made by U.S. currency or U.S. bank cashier’s check; and will incur a $50 service fee.

Auction Guarantees

All items are sold AS IS, with no arbitration, unless covered by an auction guarantee. Buyers are responsible to fully inspect purchases within the 7-day guarantee period.Certified Guarantee: Certified vehicles – Blue or Yellow Ribbon items – are guaranteed against any major undisclosed defects (repairs of $200 or more) for a period of seven (7) consecutive days including the day of purchase. The Certified Guarantee is to the original wholesale buyer, is not transferable, and is void upon resale. Seller retains the right to repair or refund disputed purchases.

Buyer Coupons

You may be eligible to receive promotional coupons which may be redeemed for the amount stated on the coupon when it is presented to a Rawhide Sales Representative and can be applied toward your next Rawhide purchase. The discount is given on the final selling price.

Reserve Priced Items

Some items for sale may have a minimum reserve price. All unsold items may be sold at future auctions or via our web sale.

Purchase Pick-Up

All paperwork for purchased items must be completed by the Rawhide Sales Department during regular business hours.

If arriving during non-business hours, please do not go to the boys homes. Non-sales staff will not have access to keys, items, or paperwork, and cannot legally process your purchase.

Services Provided

For a fee, Rawhide can provide the loading and unloading assistance, product delivery, and storage. Please ask for current rates. Buyers must be prepared to load their own vehicles. Rawhide can provide loading assistance for a fee. Please contact the Sales Department for current loading rates. Abandoned or unauthorized vehicles will be subject to tow and storage fees.

Storage & Transportation Fees

It is the responsibility of Buyers to remove their vehicles within 14 days. Buyers failing to pick up their purchases will be charged a $10 per day storage fee for each vehicle not picked up within that time frame, which will be paid at the time of the sale transaction.

Test Drives

Due to Wisconsin DOT regulations and liability concerns, test drives are not allowed. Vehicles can only be driven on public roads or highways after the vehicle has been purchased, the Buyer assumes all liability.

Unauthorized Vehicles Are Not Allowed

No vehicles are allowed in the restricted area without the consent of Rawhide management. Commercial haulers must obtain permission before entering the restricted area. Please do not leave purchased items outside the restricted area without the consent of the Sales Department. Unauthorized vehicles will be subject to storage and tow fees (see Sales Department for current fees).

Smoke/Drug-Free Environment

Smoking, alcohol, and other drug substances are not allowed in Rawhide buildings and/or on premises.


No pets are allowed on Rawhide property.

Business Hours

8:00 AM-4:30 PM., Monday-Friday CST. We are closed all weekends and holidays (New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the following Friday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day).

If you are arriving during non-business hours, please do not go to the boys homes. Non-sales staff will not have access to keys, items, or paperwork and cannot legally process your purchase.