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Dealer FAQs

FAQs for car dealerships interested in buying cars from Rawhide at wholesale, dealer-only auctions.

How does Rawhide sell vehicles and other donated items?

The majority of vehicles are sold at wholesale dealer-only auction venues throughout the state of Wisconsin. Boats, collector cars, recreational vehicles, travel trailers, pop-up campers, motorcycles, and other collectible and miscellaneous items are sold on eBay to the general public.

Visit Rawhide’s eBay Store.

Who can purchase items at the dealer-only auctions?

You must hold a current dealer or business resale license for the intended product type(s) purchased, and/or show a valid tax exempt number (TIN) for your business. Due to Wisconsin auction license regulations, salvage businesses are unable to purchase motor vehicles at our Rawhide location auctions using their salvage dealer number. However, salvage can be purchased using a dealer license.

Interested salvage businesses can also participate in an auction floor bid at the Rawhide location. Email Rawhide Sales or call toll-free 1-800-729-4433 to learn more.

For more information on how to obtain a license, contact the Wisconsin DOT Dealer & Motor Vehicle Businesses or call 1-608-266-1425.

How can I get info on auction dates and vehicles up for auction?

A listing of auction dates and current vehicle listings is in the Auction Lists & Locations section. Lists are generally posted a few days prior to the sale.

What type of vehicles does Rawhide sell?

Rawhide offers a variety of product lines to meet your needs including Rawhide Certified and repairable vehicles (field sale). We sell a broad selection of vehicles ranging from classic collector cars to late models.

Our Sales team is happy to assist you if you are looking for a specific vehicle. Email Rawhide Sales or call toll-free 1-800-729-4433.

What is a “Rawhide Certified” vehicle?

Rawhide is proud to offer a large number of Rawhide Certified vehicles featuring a 7-day, bumper-to-bumper buy-back guarantee. Each vehicle is thoroughly inspected before auction and full inspections are disclosed on the Rawhide Certified Window Sticker.

Learn more about Rawhide Certified.

Can I donate a vehicle to support the young men at Rawhide?

Yes! Please visit the Donate section to determine how your vehicle or other donation may benefit the boys at Rawhide.