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Rawhide Announces Milwaukee School Choice Approval

Scott Sawinski
Public Relations Coordinator
Rawhide Boys Ranch
E7475 Rawhide Rd.
New London, WI 54961
(920) 538-3557

Rawhide Announces Milwaukee School Choice Approval

New London, Wis. – On August 22nd, Rawhide Boys Ranch’s private school, Starr Academy was approved as a private choice school under the Milwaukee Public School (MPS) District School Choice program. This represents the first time that schools located outside the MPS district have been eligible to accept students from the Milwaukee School Choice program. Starr Academy will be among a growing number of choice schools that can receive tuition vouchers from eligible parents of students that reside in Milwaukee.

Rawhide Starr Academy Choice School invites families that are interested in more information about admission requirements to visit www.rawhide.enfusendev.com. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has established several enrollment periods for first or second semester admission. The next open enrollment period runs from September 1 – 14. All forms and requirements for the program can be found at www.rawhide.enfusendev.com or on the DPI website. Please call 1-888-745-7445 for more information. An informational meeting will also be provided in Milwaukee at the Rawhide Youth and Family Counseling Clinic at 6045 Green Bay Rd, Glendale, Wis. on Thursday evening September 1st at 7 p.m. See the Rawhide website for details.

“The staff and board of directors of Rawhide and Starr Academy are excited to offer this alternative to parents of 10th grade students residing in Milwaukee,” stated John Solberg, Executive Director of Rawhide. “We have chosen to focus on 10th grade students because history has taught us this is a particularly vulnerable age and students are at greater risk of academic failure and risk of dropping out of school due to poor performance in their ninth grade experience. We look forward to being one more choice that parents residing in Milwaukee can access in order to respond to the specific needs of their child. Rawhide has over 46 years experience providing residential and academic support to teenage boys and achieving success in their lives. This new program allows us to respond to a real and present need in our state,” concluded Solberg.
Rawhide and Starr Academy are located on a 575 acre campus along the scenic Wolf River, 10 miles southwest of New London, Wisconsin. Starr Academy is named after former Green Bay Packer and Rawhide Co-Founders Bart and Cherry Starr. Rawhide established its own private school in 1982 to respond to the unique educational and behavioral needs of at-risk teenage boys.

Starr Academy Choice School builds on a strong commitment Rawhide has to offer unique alternatives for today’s youth who struggle in their community and school environment. Due to Starr Academy being located on the Rawhide campus approximately two hours north of Milwaukee, transportation will need to be provided for each student attending the program. Should a student be interested in residing on the campus of Rawhide during their academic year, Rawhide does provide a room and board option for students that qualify. Residing at Rawhide is not a requirement of attending Rawhide Starr Academy Choice School, but an option parents may choose to apply for. Room and board scholarships are available.

An important factor in considering Rawhide as a choice school is experience in working with challenging male students that are often struggling at home and in their school community. “The relational, structured and safe environment at Starr Academy is well respected for creating sustained positive behaviors among our students,” stated Dan Birr, Starr Academy Principal.

The current Starr Academy facility was built in 1998 and features the John and Ethel Keller Education Center with nine classrooms, a fine arts auditorium and the Chester Krause Fieldhouse, with includes a regulation indoor basketball court and climbing wall. The Starr Academy Choice School provides academic instruction in Math, English, Science and Social Studies, as well as individualized instruction through Title One Reading and Math to those students interested in a strong choice school education. The goals of an education at Rawhide include academic advancement in all core subjects, character, and leadership development. Students will benefit from physical fitness classes, art and woodshop instruction, work experience training, and a basketball skills program. Starr Academy also offers interscholastic basketball and track seasons.
Located outside of New London, Wisconsin, Rawhide Boys Ranch was founded by John and Jan Gillespie and Bart and Cherry Starr in 1965 and emphasizes a faith-based residential environment for court-referred and at-risk young men. In addition, Rawhide provides services to youth and their families through four community-based outpatient counseling clinics with one located in Milwaukee. Families interested in scheduling an appointment for outpatient counseling services should visit www.rawhide.enfusendev.com/strongfamily or call toll free 1-877-300-9101. Most major health insurance plans are accepted and a sliding fee is also available. Rawhide is largely supported by donations of cars, boats, campers, and financial gifts. Learn more about Rawhide by visiting the website at www.rawhide.enfusendev.com.