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Can We Butter You Up?

A box of Rawhide popcorn is calling your name.

And, we’d love to send it your way. Why? To show our appreciation for being an official Rawhide vehicle drop-off location and to enlist your help with spreading the word.

Continue WATDA Legacy

Your dealership can help in two ways:

  1. Promote your partnership with Rawhide’s vehicle donation program.
    • Doing so could drive traffic to your lot and enhance your brand. Publicizing how you help change lives for the betterment of our youth and the community, enhances brand perception.
    • We have videos, logos, graphics, and written copy available for your use. We also can help with implementing these items on your web site and in electronic or print newsletters.
  2. Continue the WATDA legacy and 30-year history of helping Rawhide. Become a drop-off location for donated vehicles, if you haven’t already done so.


So, partner up and promote. Let’s continue WATDA legacy with Rawhide.Learn how.

Remember to collect that box of free popcorn that is calling your name, too. Contact Patty at 877-959-2201. We’d love to butter you up.