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Maximizing the Value of Your Car Donation

We Maximize Your Tax Benefit of Car Donation

At Rawhide, we provide a unique inspection process that allows us to receive the maximum value for your donation, in return giving you a larger tax benefit of car donation than other car donation programs.

Every donated item we receive goes through a detailed inspection process. More detailed inspections given to cars with greater demand and overall condition. We may decide to make needed repairs in order to receive the maximum value for your donation.

By providing a full disclosure for every donated car, buyers have peace of mind when looking for a car at Rawhide. In addition, we guarantee a seven day return policy if buyers feel we have not disclosed the condition of the vehicle properly.


Potential Benefits for You:

  • We help increase the value of your donation, giving you and the buyer a maximum value
  • Receive a competitive tax deduction if you are claiming more than $500 on your federal income taxes
  • Because of our car donation inspection process, we process your car faster
  • Higher sale prices provides more income to help the at-risk youths and their families