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Car Donation Checklist

First Name

Last Name






What are you donating

Thank you for thinking of Rawhide for your vehicle or car donation. Our car donation checklist will guide you through the process to ensure a quick and easy experience.

After your donation is approved, you can either arrange a pick-up time with Rawhide or take your car to a local drop-off center. If your vehicle is not running or unsafe to drive please call us at 1-800-729-4433 to arrange a free pick-up. Consult the following donation checklist for a seamless donation.

  1. Gather all pertinent documents
    • Your clear title or registration (for untitled items)
    • Supporting documents, including the original lien release (photocopies and faxes are not acceptable)
    • Any appropriate verifying documentation
  2. Sign the title
    • All owners listed on the title or registration must sign off as sellers. If two owners are listed on the title, both must sign the title.
  3. Remove license plates and all personal items
    • Remove garage door opener, cell phone, emergency kits, etc.
  4. Clean out trash, debris, hazardous material, or unwanted items from the vehicle
  5. Have items ready for the exchange
    • For pick-up service: If you are requesting the vehicle to be picked up at your home or other location, we will give instructions on how to handle the title. But do have your keys, lien release, and other supporting documents ready.
    • For drop-off centers: Have your keys, signed title, lien release, and other supporting documents with you at the time your vehicle is dropped off at a drop-center.
  6. Complete the paperwork at exchange
    • Allow 15 to 20 minutes to complete the necessary paperwork.
  7. Receive your receipt for tax deduction

How to complete your title for donation

  1. Seller signatures
    • If two people are listed as registered owners on the title, both signatures are required. Use the word “and” between the signatures, e.g. John P. Doe and Jane P. Doe.
    • If only one owner is listed on the title, only that person’s signature is required.
  2. Odometer readings
    • Check “In Excess” if you have turned over your odometer. If not, do not mark.
    • Check “Not Actual Mileage” if you replaced the odometer or if the odometer is broken or inaccurate
  3. Salvage or junk cars
    • Do not markBrand Disclosure” unless you know for sure your vehicle was once a salvage vehicle (does not apply to Rebuilt Salvage), was flood damaged, or was a previous Police or Taxicab vehicle.
  4. Complete name and address information.
  5. See sample title.